A Journey into the Mosque of The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Supported By Photos

Aaron Vinson

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Thank you

Thank you for those pictures i love to see things like that, I live in philly so all i really get to see is the city, to much cement not enough trees and beautiful land marks,

A Muslim

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Jazakumullah hu khair.

Inshallah i intend to go there inshallah on my third time.... i have noticed everytime you go there indeed your emaan is increased.
May Allah (SWT) call us for Hajj and Umrah and inshallah for those who have been may Allah (SWT) accept their Umrah and Hajj..... AMEEN.



Brother ,:mashallah: These pictures are very much beautiful and Almighty Allah will give u sucess in each field of U r life (Aaaaaaaammeeeeeeeeeeeen). Rearly it is very much interesting and a gift especially for the Muslim ummah to, enjoy the picturesque via this site.



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It is best in the world i have ever seen in my life.

Lets make Du'a to protect this part of earth and make us winner forever.:ma:


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I looked at those pictures for a really long time, I was captivated by the history, the feelings, and also the amazing architecture, thank you so much for sharing that with us.


*Fear Allah*
Subhanallah! Allahu Akbar!

This photographs are really amazing. This is one of the most beautiful photo that my eyes have ever seen and I mean that. I literally cried to have the chance to look at those and feel as if I were there. Insha'Allah you receive Hasanah for your good deed.

And Allah Knows Best
Okti Amirah80


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Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters,

Thank you brother IslamicFajr for sharing the pictures with us, may Allah reward you for your kindness.


Subhana Allah!

woooooooooow!! that is super beautiful,:ma:insha Allaaaah someday i'll visit their insha Allah. jazak Allhu khayra for sharing. may Allah Almighty grat u JANNAH ameen,ameen,ameen:tti_sister:



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Allah SWT please guide me in perfecting my salaat .
Allah SWT please take me to the places in these pictures.
Allah SWT please grant me the health and money to make hajj.
Allah SWT please grant me paradise.
Allah SWT please spare me the torture of the grave.
Allah SWT please save me from the hell fire.
Allah SWT please protect me from shatan.
Only you can grant me these blessings. So to you I give my praise. Subhanallah. Subhanallah. Subhanallah.


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Thank you very much for the pictures.
Very beautiful. You have encouraged me to endeavour to
perform the Hajj, inshaallah.
May Allah taala reward you, inshaallah.


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