A Muslim detainee to his beloved wife


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This poem is dedicated to:-

Abdul Rahman, Babar, Dawud, Eesa, Faraj, Ghulam, Haroon, Ishmael,Jamal, Khaled, Luqman Mahmoud, Nasir, Omar, Pervez, Qaisser, Rengzieb, Sajid, Tariq, Uthman, Wasim Yasir, Ziad, and the thousands of others who have been imprisoned for Islamic activism.

You are all in our duas today, tomorrow, and until you are released inshAllah. Stay strong brothers and never lose hope of the help and mercy of Allah swt.

A Muslim detainee to his beloved wife

Oh my love
When we met and married
Was a happy day
Tinged with sadness
For I knew one day we would part
And I treasured every moment
As we both worked hard
For the sake of the dawah

We travelled a lot
Up and down the country
For talks, meetings and demos
And discussed endlessly
On the way back

I knew one day it would end suddenly
And we would be parted
Either by arrest
Or martyrdom in the path of Allah swt
I wished for the latter
And knew our world would shatter

Being apart from you is agony
And the thoughts of the good times
Keeps me going
In this hell
A lonely cell

I know you are in prison also
Although you have your liberty
But every eid and special occasion
You think of our tragedy
And shed tears
And cry yourself to sleep

I also feel the pain
But suppress them
When I cry
I see you in my tears
So I close my eyes
And hide the pain

My life continues
In another place and world
Far from humanity and piety
It’s a jungle
And the wild beasts
Bay for my blood
Every day

So I find comfort in solitary
Away from those who seek to harm me
With evil words
Knives and boiling oil

I have my Quran
And Iman
And that is surely enough
I have dreams
And see wonderful things
Taken to places
I never dreamt existed

I feel sukoon
In my lonely hole
And the time flies
And the letters from you
Reverberate in my mind

I think of the good times
And feel you close by
As I re-live the moments
We were together
And my love for you grows

I want you to know
That I will always feel for you
The way I felt
During the good times
At the height of marital bliss

I know you feel the same
Because I read your letters over and over
And tears mix with the ink
As I make dua for both of us
And our children

Hope is all we have
Since all else has failed
So let us carry on
Trusting in Allah the almighty
And inshAllah
After hardship comes ease
And the latter portion
Will be better than the former​


ALLAH is in my heart
aha MASHA ALLAH nice poem.it made me realy sad.but still find hope in the poem.did u write it ur self??MASHA ALLAH.this poem realy effected me.may ALLAH help all of our brothers in prison.n they meet again with thier families ameen sumameen.
jazakallahum khair for sharing.


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Walaykum salaams

BarakAllah feek for the kind words, and yes it is very touching. The author prefers to be anon and focus the discussion on the topic inshAllah. Please forward widely inshAllah.