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Im Abdur Rafay Zafar, an engineering student from karachi, Pakistan. i am a born muslim but somehow the hypocracy around made me weak in practicing islam. i believed in everything in islam. I haven't left a fast since the age of 13. However, when i saw people around me praying regularly, but still do all the things that are forbidden islam like backbiting, cheating, astrology, hoarding, lying, watching and talking obsenity and music (including indian song with Allah's name) i struggled to understand the purpose of establishing regular salah.

fortunately my iman was strong and i thank Allah to have helped me escape from this rut. Afew months ago i came across this debate on another forum regarding the existence of God. Mashallah using the Kalam's cosmological argument i was able to shut up all the ignorant agonosts and athiests. it was like 1 v many but all they did was have cheap shots at islam and in the end gave up.

from there started a journey of soul searching and that was the push i needed. watched a lot of convert videos during this time to undertand how they do it. that's how i came into contact with tti. first it was very difficult, almost no progress. But i figured i had to move away from certin things so

i cut off tv completely only; watch football matches now,
deleted all the songs on the hard disk, no music.
and belive me it does have an effect. alhamdulillah after this ramadan i pray regularly and inshallah will continue to hold onto it till death.

next goal is growing a long beard (toughest one yet)
stop gaining attention of the sisters (beard will take of that)
get a pious and compatible wife (cant see that happening soon).
so i joined TTI mainly to remain steadfast on the right track.

Remember me in your prayers



ابنة الاسلام

Welcome to TTI dear bro, hop you enjoy your stay inshaAllah "May Allah SW bless and protect you n your parents.



Welcome to TTI
enjoy your stay..
inshallah you will be able to accomplish all of tht with ALLAH's help...
take care:salam2: