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    In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

    It is important to note, that the Law of Jihad is still valid, and that does not mean Muslims glorify violence, waiting for the war start again. On the contrary, Muslims do not aspire to the war. The war is, and only under certain circumstances, a necessary evil.

    Muslims are not the only ones to have this attitude. Was not one of the most famous theorists in Western history, Carl von Clausewitz, who asserts, in his book "On War": «War is nothing more than the continuation of politics by other means.»?

    This book is a required reading for every military and strategic science in the Western world. Any State other than that Islamic State, which does not exist today, maintains its foreign policy interests.

    If he see this threat, just like any other state he has the right and duty to defend himself, and like any other state is not going to look when they see their rights violated and the rights of its citizens trampled.

    Similarly, the war is not the only solution that adopts a State when his rights are violated. Without doubt, it first searches for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

    If we look at the incredibly dirty and extremely treacherous policy of most countries today, then we can assume that the Islamic State is the most closest to prevent the suffering of people from the hypocritical powers of today. Those who know Islam and its history, can assume this observation. But this is not the subject of this short treatise. There is only an indication, and not a statement that the misconceptions are fueled by some people.

    Excerpt from the book "Eine ruhige Kritik an den kämpfenden Gruppen" (A quiet Critique of the warring Groups), by Abu Hamzah al-Afghani, p. 112.

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