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Do You like reading about Science? Do you want to hear the latest about planet Earth? And, do you like free stuff?

Then, this is perfect for you!
Take advantage of it. :)
Planet Earth

NERC's award winning quarterly magazine contains all the latest environmental science news.

It is aimed at non-specialists with an interest in the sciences of the environment.

See Planet Earth online for the latest news and science features. Or you can read the latest edition in PDF format or order a copy or subscribe now FOR FREE!*.

*click 'Subscribe now FOR FREE!' above. You will then be directed to the magazine's page. Step 2, click ''free subscription basis.'' Step 3, Click ''check out'' on the right. Step 4, go ahead enter your details, don't be afraid. :)

I have been subscribed with this magazine for over a year now. It has nothing to do with Islam, just a science magazine. It's completly safe, I never had to pay anything.
Caution: The magazine may contain some information about evolution etc... but these things can be ignored, as they have a lot of other interesting articles. So go and learn about today's global scientific discoveries.

If you are still unsure wether it's your type of topics or not, click ''latest edition in PDF format or order a copy'' and flip through the pages online!
The latest copy is called WALKING WITH DINOSAURS.



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aslam o alikum

thx Osman brother :) this would be awesom lol i remember i handed in a paper once :p right at the last moment :p and i said something about how humans interacted with dinosaurs lol i got a big comment back on it :p humans were alive when dinosaurs roam the planet lol and im doing Honor specialization in evolution lol i felt like a idiot :)
:p i knew it but i forgot :) thx for this i will read about it more inshallah


i got my a week ago...its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thnx for the idea...i was so happy first time i ever got mail from outside the country lol!



I just want to thank you brother I got mine two days ago I was surprised for how quick they shipped it
Very interesting magazine I love it so much
Thanks again brother Osman for sharing



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Assalam aliekum

I got mine yesterday (or maybe the day before, I forgot already!) - thanks again, Brother Osman! It is very interesting - I would recommend to others who like science-y/Environmental type things to sign up!