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    Kids Dua Now is an application that features number of Duas regarding daily tasks performed by kids of numerous age groups. App is divided into three categories ranges form age 1 to 12 in total and available with beautiful color combinations that appeal kids towards Learning. The particular application is a great source to teach your kids about Islamic Duas that remains with them throughout a life and will be a source of blessings for them. App is available to download for platforms Android and iPhone and your can get this app using the links given below.

    The particular application is a combination of various valuable features that will help your kids in learning Daily duas in proper format. Let start discussion regarding few key features.
    1. App provides you all duas with its Arabic script along with its transliterations, translation, and recitation to listen to correct your pronunciation with feature of Dua word by word.
    2. All the duas are given with their authentic links that is a proof of their genuineness.
    3. Graphical representation of each dua is also given to explain the reason of its recitation to kids.
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