Advice for truthseekers & converts!


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As Salamu Alaykum to all!

I just wanted to give you an advice.

Always admit to yourself your own ignorance, for those who do not see themselves as ignorant will not seek out the truth, since they believe they have already achieved knowledge!

Strive for knowledge, even if it is difficult! Even learning untruth might add to your knowledge for you are now aware of it and you have increased your certainty in what is really true.

Do not listen to those who say: don't read this or that or you might become misguided, they usually have something to hide and are trying to keep you within their sect. If their doctrines are so right, you will realise that what you have at the moment is better then what is presented to you in the book of the other sect.



Soo true, virtually everyone has now heard about Islam, positive or negative. Wouldnt have happened if the islamophobes werent busy propagating their lies Alhamdulillah some esteemed muslims have stepped up to the plate.