Airsrikes to Gaza this evening


Travelling towards my grave.
That moment when your entire house turns into a swing !!!!

Several airstrikes have shaken Gaza city seconds ago !

Two children got wounded due to the last Israeli airstrike in the east of the Gaza Strip ...


Assalaam alaikum,

The decisions of the Israeli's has backfired. They are the ones who are scared. They are the ones hiding. No-one is fooled by them killing babies anymore.
Let us pray Egypt opens her doors. Let us pray Turkey stands up.
Israel is a rogue state. It is time to stop her. No more lies. Israel will be stopped. InshaAllah.

John Smith

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I would like to see Syrians,Egyptians,Lebanese & Jordainians mass upon the borders of occupied Palestine.

That will send a clear message to the warmongers.


Assalaam alikum,


We are members of the resistance. What would I if I could be I pray at home. I can taste victory sister. I can taste it. We have waited too long...I can taste it, InshaAllah.


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[h=3]As the military assault on Gaza intensifies, the humanitarian situation worsens.[/h]From land, air and sea Gaza has been under a relentless military offensive leaving dozens of men, women and children injured. Fearing the loss of lives, families are desperately seeking cover from missile strikes.
Dr Saeed Saleh, Programme Manager at the Muslim Hands office in Gaza said:


The missiles are continuing to pound Gaza. After each airstrike, the hospitals are inundated with injured people."

"Right now we are seeing a severe shortage of (intensive care) hospital beds, medicine and medical supplies – we urgently need medical supplies."
The Muslim Hands team is already responding to the emergency situation by providing medicines and medical supplies to hospitals across Gaza.

Muslim Hands has launched an emergency appeal to help the Palestinian people. More funds are urgently needed - please donate generously.

Um Ibrahim

Alhamdulilah :)
This is so depressing. When will Muslims help each other? Where are the so-called Muslim leaders? Where are the Muslims?!!! This is just too sad. I really feel sad and uncomfortable knowing that my loved and I have peace, shelter, food and water while Muslims in other places are suffering so much. Dear brothers, I really feel bad. May Allah help them because there are no one else who can help at the moment.


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Has anyone else noticed how these recent bombings have somehow reunited the Ummah? The protests, social media and whatnot. I know we're not seeing enough from the leaders, but I feel like there's a bigger response this time. More people are speaking out. Alhamdulillah.


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Has anyone else noticed how these recent bombings have somehow reunited the Ummah? The protests, social media and whatnot. I know we're not seeing enough from the leaders, but I feel like there's a bigger response this time. More people are speaking out. Alhamdulillah.

yea u r right, there is no u r ikhwani u r salafi etc etc going on

our imam made a good point today at friday khutba pointing out how muslims should be united these movements like salafi, ikhwani they benefit the ummah,

like u know cause of mashAllah salafi brothers they have worked really hard to preserve the aqeedah, our ikhwani brothers made remarkable sucess on political grounds. The imam didn't say this but i would add, alot of deobandi brothers did alot to preserve the fiqh dear to the ummah

SubhanAllah why cant we be one and help each other with our strengths, luk at positive and encourage with positive attitude instead of being harsh and so negative about each other

btw recent tweet from a brother in Gaza

Harry Fear ‏@harryfear
Most internationals evacuated on day 1 or 2 of Op. Pillar of Cloud. British Consulate offered evac. but I refused. I am Gazan <3 so I stay!

may Allah (swt) guide him but he is doing a remarkable job by providing live video and twitter feed for gaza


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Its good to see muslims speaking out. But why is it that only for Palestinians that we are speaking out ? why not for the muslims in Burma who are currently being identified as one of the worlds prosecuted minorities ? Why arent we being as pro active for our Muslims brothers and sisters in Burma as we are for Palestine ? Wallahi I hope its not because of a race difference

lets be more Pro active for our prosecuted Muslims brothers and sisters every where not just Palestine, Lets start to show the same concern please.Lets pray for all of them Mention them in your prayers dont forget them because they are still muslims.In fact there is no such thing as palestinians Burmese Syrian Iraqi etc theres only muslims lets remember them ALL in our Duas Insha'Allah


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I think it's because the world just refuses to believe in Israel's lies anymore, since this has been going on for decades. I don't know.. but that's true, we should be just as outraged as we are right now for Burma.

I feel like the Rohingya issue just died out in social media.. I haven't heard much about it recently. Anyone have links?


Asalaam alaikum,

It is important for us to keep informing each other about the oppression in various parts of the world. I strongly urge you to start a separate thread and keep it alive. Let us become aware. Put that responsibility on us.

And forgive us if our hearts seem so close to the plight of the brothers and sisters in Palestine.