Alive after 2 years!

Assalam Alaikum EVERYONE!:wavyarms:

I'm back after 2 years and have seen many changes wow... OMG I MISS MY SISTERS SO MUCH!

How's everyone? so excited :banana:


Smile for Allah
:salam: my dear sis from Hong Kong! It's great to see people returning again. Sisters maha and ksalover don't come online here anymore, but ukht queenislam is still around, alhamdulillah!

Looking forward to your posts, inshaAllah.


I'm not what you believe
I don't know if you remember me,but I remember you,welcome back dear sister:love_heart: ,tell us ,whatsupp???????:p
Thank you Tabussum! im so waiting for them to come back here haha :)

OMG i sooo remember you #hayat84! How are you my lovely beautiful sugarful sisters?


I'm not what you believe
after 2 years,I delivered about 3 times,isn't it?I've 5 kids,and you?where have you been?
Congrats!! mashallah 5 kids! may they be your swords;)

i dont know..i kind of got bored with the theme, so left.