An Eye Operner..



I would like to shere this eye operner article I read, from Al-Jumah magazine. It realy did open my eyes to a lot of things that I didn't think of before. May Allah reward the sister who wrote it.

By Jawaher Balousha

In the Hands of a Stanger

He is the One Who has made the earth yielding of all its resources to you. So walk through its diverse regions and eat of His provision. Yet know that to Him alone is the Resurrection of all of you for Judgment [67:15].

The Pens Have been lifted and the pages have dried. Each soul has already been apportioned its share of provision on earth, before we were born. Long laid our are all the unexpected swerves our lives will take, and the most unlikely places from which we will receive our portions. Thus our provision is premarked for us by unseen spiritual markers, waiting for the appointed time we will come to it.
Thus it is our job to go forth and receive our provision, from near and far lands, from familiar and strange people. And this is by no means a materialist call to take up the road to amass as much wealth as one possibly can. It is just the opposite. The wealth we have on earth is already preordained. So do not fret. Moreover, it reminds us that we do not know which land or people hold our wealth and sustenance. so be humble.
I learned that in Palestine. I went to this stange land and felt completely vulnerable, displaced, unsure. I was far from home where I felt secure and in control of my provision. Now I felt afraid. But then the strangers took me in. They brought me into their homes. They housed me, even clothed me. Their immeasurable generosity was a measure of their tremendous humanity. And I learned gratitude at their kind hands.
At some point I realized that seeking provision is not just about getting. It's a spiritual bond fusing people and lands. It's about giving. It was almost magical, sitting and eating with people there, enchanting to think that for all these years this person who I never knew existed before this day held in her possession my provision from Allah, and that I was destined, from the moment I was born, to come to this place and receive it from her precisely at this time. It was and amazing feeling of total existential security and a deep, profound cennection to the people who gave to me, and the land that gave to me, from and All generous sustainer.
Seeking provision is a spiritual trancaction between people and lands, becouse those who give you provision are rewarded by the true and only Provider for the generous acts through which they benefit you. And you will be rewarded for your gratitude to them and to the Provider.
Those two acts, generosity and gratitude, make for wholesome relations between people, and strenghen universal goodwill toward humanity, as well as to our earth.
Seeking provision ought too create an atmosphere of humility and respect, along with happy anticipation. For it is through giving and receiving that you learn that you don'g know where your provision lies waiting for you.
This is what the Gazans of Palestine taught me. For they honor, through their hopitality, the true blessings of provision. And I think it no coincidence either. For they suffer first hand from a people who violate all laws of provision, who besiege generosity and burn gratitude, to both Maker and those whom His two, widestreched right Hands have made.
The Gazans know the great pain and monstrous horror created when provision is wrongfully taken, when people usurp what is rightfully others. And even as the Gazans give with open hands, they suffer the pernnial loss of land, and wealth, and people. They know the devastation of a people who kill provision.
So travel through the earth and seek out your provision my friends. For you know not which land will bear fruit for you, nor which people will give over to you a portion of your wealth. So be you humble before people. And fear that one day, God will ask you about what you amassed in life and how it came to you.

The End.