Arabic TV Live Free Android App

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    Arabic TV Live Free Android App

    Hello my dear friends, I want you to know that from now you can watch free live TV and your favorite Arabic TV channels on your android phone for free. Free download of ‘Arabic TV Live’ app allows you to watch the best Islamic channels.


    This is a Muslim PRO app that has the high-quality live streaming broadcast of the most popular Islamic TV stations. You can now watch live Arab TV no matter where you are – all you need is your Android phone next to you, the latest YouTube app and a good Internet connection. And don’t worry about the incoming calls – once you answer the call, the live stream video will pause immediately, and you won’t hear any noise in the background, and the video will continue once the conversation is over. All these Arabic TV channels are divided in 6 major categories.

    Find it on Google Play:

    May Allah be with you!

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