are you an angery person or a cool person???

are you anger or normle person or coll person???

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ALLAH is in my heart
brothers n sisters i have realised that many ppl r geting hyper n angery these days.even im also geting bit thought to ask my brothers n sisters here if they r angery person normle or cool person.
ur sister in islam
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ALLAH is in my heart
sorry i forgot to tell im geting angery n hyper.n its the worst habit of trying to overcome it.v shud make wudu n drink some water as v all know its in sunnah.may ALLAH protect us from anger amin sumamin.
ur sister in islam
hijab sister


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i like your avatar...! am normal, but ya getting angry happens to everybody, just that the strongest person is the one who can control it....i hope u wont be angry/hyper.. :)


I am a normal person who gets angry once in a while, I am human and I am not perfect, only Allah is.


Subhana Allah!
Asalamu alaykum

am cool person but when i get angry i say things that i would not want to say. but then later i wonder why i cannot control it. Alhamdulilah to be honest i made dua to Allah and am gettting alot better than i was when i was little. once again Alhamdulilah!

may Allah except all of our duas AMiiN:tti_sister:

Allahu Akbar!



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Asalaamu alaikum,
I am an angry person. It is something that I have been working on a very long time. I pray to Allah SWT to heal me and control my tongue. I suffer from bi polar disease. That's what they say but I believe that jinns come to me and contribute to my tantrums. On the other hand it is only when someone or something pisses me off that I fly into a rage. If no one bothers me I'm as sweet as sugar. I'm very isolated, introverted and calm. When my peace and calm is interrupted I become very agitated. When someone insults Islam that is the worst thing that will make me vexed. I live in America and that happens on a daily basis. So pray 4 me brothers and sisters. The prophet was a very calm man and I wish to follow his example and I hope u follow his example 2.
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salam aleikum
Im normal I guess ,but have a temper problems ,get mad fast and its very bad for the woman to be like this ,Im very ashamed of it and I pray to Allah to change this bad characteristic in me :( Its good that I cool down fast too and then regret about what I said or did in that state...

waaleikum salam