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Assalam Alaikum....Iam Maha... May Allah bless you all and grant all of you happiness and prosperity...Ameen....
I am currently doing bachelors of arts in islamic studies... And aspart of the course Iam required to study half juz of the last Parah for now.... my memorizing capability is very weak.... can anyone please suggest some ways through which this weakness of mine can be overcome??
Thankyou..... May Allah always be with you....Ameen.
Ma'Salaamah :girl3:


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steps of memorization

asslamu alaikum sister,
where are you doing ur b.a??(insha allah i also have plans on doing ba on islamic studies once i complete my 12th)

these are some points that have helped me in my memorization

firstly,minimize your sins: Allah subhannahu wa ta'ala said
"And fear Allah and Allah will teach you" (AlBaqarah 282)
Ibn Masood said "A man may lose knowledge due to a sin that he had committed".

obtain a good mushaf and do not change ur mushaf

choose a suitable time and place:bedroom is not a good choice(this is through personal experience,you will just lean on ur bed,then u will lie down and finally u'll feel tired and stop memorization)the best time is before fajr

keep a daily limit:it may be as little as 5 ayahs but see to it that u r really through with those 5 ayahs.also,fridays could be kept aside to review the portion byhearted in that week

since i know basic arabic words,i have found learning with the translation very useful.learning by hearing to recitation of a qari is also good as this will ensure good tajweed (the best recitor for this is ibrahim al akhdar,but it is difficult to find his tapes)

hope i have helped you, sister


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:) walaikum salam ... nice to meet u sister ... one thing that helps me memorize stuff is by connecting stuff or relating it to common things :)


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wellcome to tti sister well i got same problem as u... znas10 brother said i will try to do that i also have weakness in memories... may Allah(swt) help us n guide us to success ameen!!!