Assalamalaykum from uk


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salam to everyone on the site. I am a mature student studying International Relations in the uk. I would like to learn more abput practicing Islam as I am a new convert Last May. I am alsointeresting in being able to tell my daughter the correct things about Isam,because i do not see her often,thankyou
Wa Alaikoum Assalam
Welcome sister to the website.
i hope that you will find on it informations which will be helpful for you and your daughter


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:wasalam: dear member...and Ramadan Kareem to you and yours.

This site is here to help us learn about our beautiful Deen and to draw away misconceptions about Islam. Many of us benefit and learn from one another through such inspirational articles and advices, Masha'Allah.

If there's anything we can do to assist you dear br/sr, then know you have your fellow muslims who care Insha'Allah.

May Allah increase our love for all Muslims and enable us to attain halawatul Emaan (The Sweetness of Emaan!) Ameen Ya Rabb!

May Allah make things easy for you and your daughter Ameen. I leave you in the Veiw of Ar-Raheem

your sister in Islam...

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Islam is a great religion.Everyone of us can become the best of Muslims.Therefore surrender yourself to Allah, the Merciful lord.Your and my Creator.


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Allah Ho Akber

Assalam O akakum

Welcome to the brotherhood of Islam, please be in touch and visit daily for whichever prayer suits your timetable, and learn from the learned about the answers. Common Muslims now a days have different levels of knowledge, practices understandings etc pls seek the knowledge through the practice experenced scholars for our own good...and make Duaa from Allah for the right understanding (Allah is onlyone All Knowing)