Assalamu alaikum from America..another new sister on TTI


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How is everyone doing at this point in time? I pray that all of the Ummah is great and strong by Allahs grace and mercy...:tti_sister: Ameen
I am Huda. I have just joined this TTI site in hopes to brouden my knowledge of Islam, gain great contacts,to be more inspired, and find more support to keep me going in my day to day life. :inshallah: Allah will bring me all of what I need most through all of the great people I know I will meet Here :inshallah::inshallah::inshallah:
May Allah bless you all in this life as well as the Akirah ...Ameen
Assalamu alaikum , Ma salaama, Allah hafiz, and peace :)


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welcome sister Huda


:SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206: to TTI
May you enjoy your stay here and benefits from all the videos/articles which :inshallah: will increases your knowledge and eeman too..Ameen



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Welcome dear Sister to the Family!
InshaAllah, you'll enjoy your stay here.
Ameen to the dua.

Take care!


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walaikum assalaam nuri...
u will definately have a great time with your brothers and sisters in Islam and May Allah Grant U All Ur Wishes.. Ameen
Allah hafiz


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I am Nawas

Assalamu alaikum to all

I am Mohamed Hussain Nawas from southkorea

This site is very useful to improve our relegious Knowledge thanks to allah and admini............



Strangers on earth

Welcome to tti sister Huda, May your stay with us be beneficial and your company too.
May Allah guide us all


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I read what you wrote,:ma: so i decided to send a brotherly messege to you.
And advise us to be good ambassadors of Islam everywhere we are...Fear Allah wherever you..(Hadith). and let Kitab wal Sunnah guide us throughout our deeds....Amen



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Assalamualaikum.... thank you all for the warm welcome

Assalamu alaikum All, Im back again to say a thank you to All whom have welcomed me so dearly. May Allah bless you all and your families.....Ameen. I am enjoying myself here Alhemdulillah. I just am keeping busy lately trying to keep up my best work in school. Allah is so kind. He leaves me with no complaints and I am ever thankful still if there were some tests from him.
Thank you all again Ma salaama, Allah hafiz, Wa alaikum salaam, peace :hijabi: