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Assalamu Alaikum
My name is blueeyes33072 and I am a new convert to islam. I was born and raised christain, and never thought that I would see the day that I would convert to another faith. Alhamd llah for allah who lead me to a wonderful muslim man who later became my husband. He opened the door to a whole new world for me, and accepted me as I was while the whole time praying that one day inshallah I would become a muslim and see the truth faith. Allah opened my eyes about 4 weeks ago and put a hunger in my heart to start researching islam and reading all about it. There started being questions from the bible that I could not answer, things that left me very unsettled. Alhamd llah Allah again provided for me answers through the quran, books, and this site as well as a few other wonderful islamic sites. Then a week after searching so much I felt so strongly lead by allah to say the words to become a muslim. I new this was not me the feeling was so strong and I was sure it was from allah. I called my husband and talked to him asking him to help me and to lead me in the shahadaeen( I hope that is spelled right) he was so suprised and wanted to make sure I was sure of this. Saying those words was the sweetest and the best thing I have ever done, I could not stop saying them over and over again. I felt the most loving peaceful feeling of my life and I felt like all of lifes problems worries and stress was gone from my life alhamd llah for that.
I walked around the next few days feeling so wonderful and even now the changes that allah is doing in me amaze me. I enjoy this site so much as I live in a town with no other muslims in the middle of the bible belt in united states so it is very challenging for me to learn and grow in islam. This site gives me so much knowledge and help, and alhamd llah for a wonderful husband who was born and raised a muslim to help me. I am really struggling right now with the prayers because it is so much different then I was raised to pray as a christain and I am always so afraid to make a fool of myself infront of others by saying them wrong or doing it wrong. On top of that I am trying to learn them in arabic which sometimes is an even bigger challenge. Please keep it in your prayers that allah will continue to lead me and guide me on my quest to become the best muslim that I can be. I look forward to hearing from all of you and participating in this wonderful site. May allah continue to bless each and every one of you.:hijabi::tti_sister:.


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Waalaikum salam dear sister,

SubhanAllah...such a great news. :hearts: Allah is Most merciful and beneficent who had guided you towards His Light. Millons Congratulations...

Welcome to Islam :) and welcome to TTI. I would suggest take it easy and learn step by step. Allah will help you. Please pray for all of us.



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MashAllah, congratulations on finding the truth and welcome to the site. I am also a revert so I know how u feel and it is amazing being Muslim, Alhamdulillah. May Allah guide us all, Ameen.


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Asalamu alaykum sister, welcome to our family! i hope you are well and will continue to be the best muslim woman you can be inshaAllah. as for being afraid of making a fool of yourself, sister no way, no way. Never be afraid to learn or ask help from others. When it comes to matters of religion on educating ourselves, we are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. So don't be afraid of learning and don't be afraid of those who might think of you as a fool( i doubt it sister). So hang tight, welcome to our family and embrace your new way of life. you've been guided and blessed by Allah exalted be He. And as siste binte said....take it step by step, we do not learn overnight. Even born muslims have difficulties learning sometimes...but hey we all go on and do our best. No one(including you dear sister) is a fool. rather you are the opposite of fool cause you're a muslim woman whom we are very proud of and love.
asalamu alaykum and take care.
we love you sister
your sister in islam:)

zainab bala

Allah is sufficient.
Al hamdulillah Rabbil Al'amin.
I pray that Almighty Allah will continue to keep us in His Light and cover us with His Love.


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Salam Alekum blueeyes33072
Thank you for sharing ur lovely story. Congratz on becoming our sister in islam.. we are very happy Alhamdulillah.. Welcome to TTI.. May you benefit frm this site InshAllah :)

Salam Alekum ckrof2ruth
Welcome to TTI.. and congratz on becoming our brother in Islam.. May u benefit frm this site InshAllah :)


Subhana Allah!
Wa-alaykuma salaam warahmatulahi wabarakatuh
:SMILY206: to TTI and ISLAM
Subhana Allah! it's so wonderful to hear from you, insha Allah, i will always remember you in my duas. i hope that you enjoy your stay here.:hijabi:



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walaikom salam waramatullah

Allahu akbar, Allhumdulillah, :SMILY139:
welcome home and that is Islam, i also a convert, i am very !!!!!!! happy for you, may Allah give you more knowleg and grand you jannah and give all oss more strong in iman and past his try.Ameen


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mashaallah, sister, allah has showerd his blessings on you as you found the truth. may allah increase your iman and islamic knowledge. ameen

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Assalam alaikom warahmatul Allah wa barakato

Alhmd Allah Rabbil alameen,may Allah firm your heart in Islam and may Allah guide you in your everyday life and as a sister in Islam i advice you to seek knowledge,because knowledge is obligatory in every Muslims.We are very lucky to carry the banner of ISLAM . This is the great Blessing which Allah give it to us, Because Allah took us from the darkness into LIGHT
And the Religion Islam is Amana to us that we need to care.
I congratulate you for being a born child again which is free from previous sins. You are welcome in this TTI Community. Fi Ammanil Allah,and may Allah Protect you and guide you,Ameen:tti_sister:


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Alhamdulillah Sister,

Congratulations and Welcome. As long as our intention is right, do not be afraid of making mistakes as Allah is forgiving and patient, as should be all of our Muslim brothers and sisters.


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salam alikoum sister,
happy to hear your story, may allah swt keep you on the right path and reward your husband for showing you the character and behaviour of a good muslim.
looki,ng forward to seeing your posts and queries..
wa salam alikoum

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MashAllah MashAllah , may Allah bless you and your husband
I wish you read more and more in the Great religion ISLAM​