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Bangladesh minister sacked after criticism of Haj
Telecom minister Abdul Latif Siddique declared an apostate.

Published — Tuesday 30 September 2014

DHAKA: Bangladesh has sacked a top minister after his criticism of the Muslim pilgrimage of Haj triggered protests by Islamists who declared him an apostate and set a 24-hour deadline to replace him.
Abdul Latif Siddique, the country’s telecommunications minister, who is in New York accompanying Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, made the comments which were aired by local television stations.
Siddique said: “I am dead against Haj and Tablig Jamaat. Two million people have gone to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj. Haj is a waste of manpower. Those who perform Haj do not have any productivity. They deduct from the economy, spend a lot of money abroad.”
The comments drew immediate protests from the group Hefajat-e-Islam whose leaders called him “an apostate” and set a 24-hour deadline to the government to sack him from the Cabinet.
A senior official told AFP Siddique would be removed but he did not comment whether it was linked to demand by the Islamists.
“The decision has been taken to remove him from the Cabinet,” the official from the Prime Minister’s Office said, speaking on condition of anonymity. He added the decision would be effective after Hasina returns home.
At a New York rally where Siddique was the lone speaker on Sunday, he was also heard making critical comments about Hasina’s influential son and technology adviser, Sajeeb Wazed Joy. “Who is Joy? Joy is not part of the government.”
He also slammed the non-political Islamic group, Tablig Jamaat, millions of whose followers congregate outside the Bangladeshi capital each year in what authorities called the second largest Muslim gathering after the Haj.
He said the around two million people who gathered “don’t do any work except halting traffic movement throughout the country,” Siddiqui said.
There was no comment from the Tablig Jamaat.


A general view shows pilgrims converging for the evening prayer at Makkah’s Grand Mosque on Sept. 29, 2014 as hundreds of thousands of Muslims started pouring into the holy city for the annual Haj. Bangladesh's telecom minister was fired on Tuesday after criticizing Haj, one of the five pillars Islam, as an economically unproductive activity. (AFP PHOTO/MOHAMMED AL-SHAIKH)


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Published on Sep 30, 2014

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday decided to sack Abdul Latif Siddique from the cabinet over his comments on hajj, Prophet Muhammad (pubh), Tabligh Jamaat and the PM's son, highly placed sources have said.
Abdul Latif's remarks on Sunday in New York triggered widespread criticisms at home and abroad and caused much embarrassment for the government.



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It's shame for me to post such type of new as a Muslim and as a Bangladeshi. That is why i didn't sheared it with you here.
Any way I make Dua for him as he make Taw'ba and seek forgiveness to Allah SWT.
I'm not sure as he express sacked yet. Last update i heard he is still stand on his speech. He is not gonna be refuge his statement at all. Astagfirullah.

All day long here in Dhaka many Muslim org and individuals are condemn and make shown on road convicting him. Some of them demand his death sentience. It's shame for me address his name as his parents choose a Muslim name for him. Interesting things is, his oldest Brother is a big political Leader of this country and as good Muslim as well. I just astonished how could he say something like those statement. Astagfirullah.