Because I CAN!



The following poem was inspired by the company iCan ( I can, therefore I am)
Hope you enjoy. All comments and criticism welcome!

Because I Am

I am who I am
Because I can
I dream,
I hope,
I pray,
Because I can
I write,
I read,
I wear my hijab,
Because I can
I dare to hope,
Dare to challenge,
Dare to change ,
And all this because I can
I dare to dream
Because I believe if I close my eyes
I’ll truly believe,
And if I believe,
Then it’ll become a reality
All because I’ll believe enough
To take the actions that’ll make it real
And all this because I can
And if I can
Dream and hope
And change because I can
Then can’t you?
Because I know you can!

Wassalam :hijabi:


Junior Member
salamo alikum sis this poem is great thank you for sharing may Allah (S.W.T) reward the best reward.Ameeeeeeeeen.

wasalamo Alaikum