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Salaams brothers and sister

I have a question about begging. Maybe those in the UK will know what I mean. I get the tube ( train) everyday to and from work. Sometimes on my tube train there is a woman who passes from carriage to begging for change. She is dressed as a muslimah( long skirt and headscarf) though her headscarf is half way back on her head and tied under the chin. She begs for money going to each person in turn showing a bit of cardboard with something written on it I cant understand. She speak little or no English.

Anyway when she approached me she said "please sister" but I honestly had no change so I couldnt give her anything. I have seen her twice now and I dont know whether to give her money ( if I have it)

I know that we must give in charity and help the poor, I know the great importance of this. But I am a bit confused about something - I thought begging was haraam?? I am not certain she is muslim definatly or that she may only be muslim culturally. Her clothes and appearance are not one of someone who is poor - she is healthy looking and her clothes look quite new and clean. The reason I am skeptical of her is because in London there are a lot of 'gangs' of people who beg on the Trains and buses and who are con artists and not poor at all and they often dress like this - as eastern european ror efugees etc and they hassle people, like she does, I have seen her annoy people even when they have clearly said no.

I know I shouldnt doubt her sincerity but I am confused on the begging issue - if I give her money am I not then encouraging her to carry on begging, even though it is haraam?? But then if she needs it..... In the UK we have benefits system for those who need it - housing, health, money - its all given to you from the country's taxes if you are poor. There is no need to beg in theory because she can be provided what she needs by the system- and as a woman she would get high priority - in the UK its very easy. I give her money regardless of all this? Or not? Or only sometimes?? I don't know. WOuldnt it be better to give to some kind of charity to help people like her?? I cant speak to her about this because she doesnt seem to speak English.

Or am I just being mean?? May Allah swt forgive me for all my bad thoughts:astag: .

Any advice please?:shymuslima1:





I understand ur problamo.. I used see them outside my local Masjid, but i saw one of them 200 yard away from the Masjid.. u r rite according to Law of this country she/he should be receiving benefit from her local council to survive... she don't need to beg.. unless u r drug addict ~ u probably seen those kinda people in LonDon Underground... I do not understand why do they beg for... + they usually bring their young kinds as well..

May Allah SAW guide and protect all of us

Allah Knows Best


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I dont think you should give her money coz when you give them once she know you give her money so she will come to you again and again and on top of that she will spread the word around saying that you give money.

Some guy was once saying that he is so sick of beggers that when ever they ask him Do you have any change? he puts his hand in his pocket and shakes the change and says course I do and walks off. I know its bad but in our own shoppin centre people bug us so much if its not beggers, its people asking have you had an accident in the last 3 years or would you like this catalogue, these people drive me more nuts then I already am.

Sorry just needed to get it off my chest


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i think in western countries, we can't often give charity,( because ppl are ususally rich and wealthy, and it's only in big cities we find beggars ), which is a pillar of islam, so i don't think we should check what is their intention , if they come especially to ask, we have to give for the sake of Allah SWT without asking ourselves more questions;


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jazak'allah for responses so far..

I just remembered I read once a hadith about a man who gave money to a theif once, thinking he was a beggar and he told the Prophet pbuh what he had done...I can't remember what the Prophet pbub said to him though.

Does anyone know the hadith I am talking about?? I have searched but cant find it.

I think I should not think so much - and just give the money to her if she approaches me, my intention is to help her and her intention seems to be that she needs my help - so enough said really I suppose. I think I think too much sometimes! lol.


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Asalam alaikum wa rahmutullahi wa barakatu!

I would give her money if I had some to spare, as long as you are doing it for the sake of allah (swt). Just remember you will get rewarded whether her begging is genuine or not inshallah. But, then Im a very charitable person generally, I rarely ask questions when it comes to charity. I just give (if I have it) for the sake of allah (swt).

I know that theres income benefits in this country, but we must remember that there are conditions to these benefits and that not everyone may know that they can claim benefits if they do not speak english? So, we shouldn't always judge people when we don't know their circumstances and just give for the sake of allah (swt) if we are able to.

Sorry sister I cant help you with the hadith you mentioned though.



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I often have the same problem. I think it said somewhere in the Quran "and repulse not the beggar". I give what I can when I can, but I'm a student and don't have much of an income. Anyway, as I was walking to Friday Prayer today, a couple of girls were going the opposite way, laughing and chatting to one another, as happy as can be. One of them approached me and started begging in broken english. I found this quite awkard and apologised as I honestly did not have any money at all. She gave me a nasty look and started cursing at me in polish or slovak as I walked away.



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Salam sister,

I just found this on another site, I think it is the hadith you were talking about, although it doesn't quote where its from?

For example, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said: “A man expressed his intention to give sadaqah, so he came out with sadaqah and placed it in the hand of an adulteress. In the morning, the people were talking and saying ‘Sadaqah was given to an adulteress last night.’ He (the giver of sadaqah) said, ‘Praise be to Allah that I was able to give sadaqah (even though it went) to an adulteress.’ He then expressed his intention to give sadaqah; so he went out with the sadaqah and placed it that time in the hand of a rich person. In the morning the people were talking and saying ‘Sadaqah was given to a rich person last night.’ He (the giver of sadaqah) said, ‘Praise be to Allah that I was able to give sadaqah (even though it was given) to a rich person.’ He then expressed his intention to give sadaqah, so he went out with the sadaqah and placed it in the hand of a thief. In the morning, the people were talking and saying ‘Sadaqah was given to a thief last night.’ The giver then said, ‘Praise be to Allah that I was able to give sadaqah (even if it was placed in the hands of) an adulteress, a rich person, and a thief.’ Then there came (an angel to him) and he was told ‘Your sadaqah has been accepted. As for the adulteress, the sadaqah might become the means whereby she might restrain herself from fornication. The rich man might learn a lesson and spend from what Allah has given him, and the thief might thereby refrain from committing theft.’”


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jazak'allah khair - yes this was the hadith I was talking about! That says it all really, masha'allah. Who can argue with this wisdom?

I think I should just give her money if I have it when I see her again. What she does with it Allah swt will know - insha'aallah it will help her and be something good. As I said, I think I think too much sometimes!

Daud McGuire

Say he is one

tell her to get married to man who will stop her from doing that by providing what she needs, thats a start. Invite her to to the masjid with you, get her married. KNow women should become like that. I have witnessed the same thing.


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Wa alaykum salam wa Rahmatullah,

Firstly we should remain humble and know that most people would not beg if they did not have to.

But, in UK everyone is entitled to Social Benefit etc, including refugees and immigrants. If the person is illegal, then they wont get it, having said that, I doubt illegal immigrant would be begging on the street as they run the risk of getting caught, :astag:

There is nothing wrong with giving money to a beggar, and you will find many in places like Makkah and Madinah as they know people will be much more willing to depart with their money !! Astaghfirullah, and some poor people even encourage their children to do it.

I heard from some peopl that came back from the Hajj, that due to the earthquake in Kashmir, all the beggars suddenly started to become Kashmiris.. even though they were blatantly from another part of the world.

We should not judge people of course, and we take them on face value in these circumstances.. as Allah knows best.

According to the Quran and Hadith, person shouldn't be rude or act in bad way to a beggar, rather what is best is to give them advice. Its upto them to heed it.



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Here is a Hadith about the person who begs in the Name of Allah. Such as in some Muslim countries this is found. Begging is not promoted. I cannot find the Hadith but if you are able, you should help a person refrain from begging because it is detrimental to society and not something honorable in Islam. First and foremost is trust in Allah and Qadr, but if we do not know peoples' situation or condition we should give in good faith.

From: Riyaad us-Saliheen

1723. Ibn `Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "Grant shelter to him who begs for it in the Name of Allah, give to him who begs in the Name of Allah, accept the invitation of him who invites you, and requite him who does a favour to you, but if you are unable to requite him, go on praying for him till you are sure that you have requited him adequately.'' [Abu Dawud and An-Nasa'i].

Commentary: The following points are clear from this Hadith:

First, supplicating for safety and asking in the Name of Allah is endorsed.

Second, if a person begs in the Name of Allah, he should not be turned down. He must be given something to honour the Name of Allah. However, if one is sure that the petitioner is a professional beggar and does not stand in need of what he is begging, then it is better to turn him down in order to discourage the evil of begging in the society.

Third, one should return kindness, with kindness but if one is unable to do so then one should wholeheartedly pray for the benefactor because this is also a form of returning a kindness.

Fourth, one must accept invitation to a feast provided it is free from all things forbidden by Islam.



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السلام عليكم

in shaaha allah will forgive all of us , any , if shes ask money when she cant find someone to help her i think its not haram it will be haram if we dont help here this is one , but if she as you said yes its 100% haram , because it like stealth ,
forgive us alla and give us the mercy , your are the merciful


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The best option is to interact with her and go try solving her problem for which she is begging. Giving a dime a day wont help but will pave the way towarards permanent begging.

Usually people refuse to give charity or just give some penny and get rid of the begger. Better check if she is Muslim then why is she begging?

If People bother too much and are worried then better they should put on some time to check the problem of person and try to solve permanently. InshaAllah.



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Sufyân ath-Thawrî (rahimahullâh) used to be overjoyed if he saw a beggar at his door saying, “Welcome to the one who has come to wash my sins.”

Fudayl ibn Iyâd (rahimahullâh) said, “Beggars are such good people! They carry our provision to the Afterlife without payment until they place it on the scale in front of Allâh the Most High.”

‘Abdullâh ibn Mubârak (rahimahullâh) would say, “The world is the believer’s prison. The best action in the prison is patience and control of one’s anger. The believer has no country in the world, His land will be there tomorrow in the Afterlife.”


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In the name of Allah, The irrasistable!


U a gave 5 bucks to a criminal!

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