Blame Ourselves or Blame the Rulers?


The democratic system was first originated in Rome, and has nothing to do with Islam.

No, the Romanstook the inspiration from the Greeks. But still, as you say, nothing to do with Islam, indeed asI recall I have seen many posters outside mosques saying the Democracy was Haraam and should not be indulged in by muslims.


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Walaikum Wasalam. JazakAllahu khayran akhi for this wonderful post. it should be taken seriously and should be a reflection for us to ponder over so that we may change ourselves for the better. JazakaAllahu khayran and i hope that as you've stated, no arguements begin from this thread. wasalamu alaikum.


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both actually.
i strongly believe that bearing tyranny or at least not speaking out against it is as good as helping the tyrant. That is why jihad (in any form) is obligatory. However, jihad nafs comes before jihad for the sake of Allah.

very relevant hadith by a brother in this thread.

The Prophet (sallallahu aleihi wa sallam) said:

"Allah does not punish the individuals for the sins of the community until they see the evil spreading among themselves, and while they have the power to stop it, do not do so." (Ahmad)

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Blame our selves after that blame the rulers


so if we all agree that the wealth of the ummah is up to the ruled ones, yani to us muslims than we all as individuals have a great responsibillity.... we have to do alot and we can change alot.... if we only could c that.....

instead of cursing our fellow muslim brothers/sisters for their evil deeds why do we not invite them to the straight path... if we unit and stay together we can establish a society with high moral standards.... if we only could understand that we are all in the same boat... hijabi and non-hijabi....


As Salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh

Ukhti Safiyah, no indeed it is not an issue of "hijabi or non-hijabi" this is as if you would say "muslim or non-muslim" which is complete nonsense, for Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala distinguished clearly believe from disbelieve, obeying from disobeying, beginning from Adama alayhi Salam, through all the Prophets and Messengers alayhi Salam. Reflect, when you mentioned the boat, who was on the boat of Noah alayhi Salam

Also clear are Ibn Qayyim's rahimahullah words

Those muslims who are striving to have Allahs Law ruling upon them, wont ever accept a ruler who is playing with Shariyah, and for sure not one who is neglecting it completely by ruling with man-made law instead.
The majority of this Ummah is speaking about Shariyaah and how it is a solution for mankind (as it is), but when a small group of individuals stand up against those who spit on Shariyah and those who change it as it suits for their desires, suddenly you find the same majority going against those few individuals calling them names like terrorists, murders of muslims, taqfiris, those who stand up against rulers (but with their own tafseer of that act) etc etc

So like Ibn Qayyim said, for every time and the affairs in that, the ruler is appointed representing those over whom he is ruling and their affair. And what do we have today? We have great fitnah, such a great fitnah that even the learned ones are loosing their compass and instead to declare fatwas against those who whish to see them as disbelievers obeying man-made law, they go against those sacrificing their wealth and life for placing Shariyah to rule over the whole dun'ya.

There is just one question every one of us should ask one self and give an honest answer:

"Do I really want Shariyaah to rule over me and the whole dun'ya?"


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Blame Orselves or Blame the Rulers

Asslammualikum wm wb

Very true indeed all fronts except that most of us at least the Western caucasian Muslims in my circle and those in the Middle East that I know and interact with, that these dictators and rulers by own decree are been kept afloat by western powers in order to keep their hiden agendas.

Naming a few are Mubarak, Zardari, M.Saleh, some royals and so called sultanates and caliphates and also until they fall out of favors Saddam Hussein and Gadafhi, the two laetr ones they had too much riches on the ground to be ignored to the situation was created over the years to get rid of them and ¨democratically¨own the riches,first by dividing and conquer strategy and later by cronies appointed to follow a suited agenda enbedded in the Western approved constitutions.

Some times, as a Caucasian Muslim which revert to Islam in the middle of the Arabian dessert due to the kindness and human behaviour shown to me by the bedouin tribes, I think that this hospitable and caring people have been taken for a ride by opportunists both, Muslims and non Muslims.

Such facts have shown in more than one occassion even in the American most right wing sites such as the Infowars which although their agenda is exposing the US, UK and Israel governments they show the other side of the coin.


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As-salaamu `alaykum.
".................... The leaders of those before us were in accordance with their own conditions and ranks. Our leaders are in accordance with our own condition and rank. In both cases, this is entailed by the Wisdom of Allaah (I)."

Such is the conclusion of Imaam Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahullah) concerning his times, i.e. the 8th century A.H., so what do you think about our own times?
Prepared by Dr saleh as Saleh
( May Allah grant him ferdous al'a'laa)

Rating the thread, ffrom bottom of my heart. The whole world needs this!!
Thanks !!


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salam ..your right..look whats happening in libya, now ,everyone trying to control the situation ,and the west were the ones who kept gadaffi there and supported him,and now want a big ppiece of the action ,now he is gone

Abu Talib

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Imaam Muqbil: All blame can never be placed on the leaders alone, it's due to the weakness of the Muslim Ummah as a whole (since the leaders only represent the people and they arose from the very same people). [al-Yamaniyyah 1]


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indeed we are all going through trying times. We, the ruled are at fault, as well as the rulers for our Imaan is weak. Our teacher in Dars had told us to recite Qunoot-e-nazila during these times, the translation of which is as
"O Allah, guide us aright along with those who have been rightly guided and grant us safety along with those that have been granted safety and support us along with those that have been supported and add Your Blessings to what You have given us and save us from the harmful effects of what You have ordained ( i.e. lest I should be wanting in cheerfully submitting to your Decrees) as You alone disposes and no one can dispose against You. Anyone who is under Your Protection cannot be lowered and anyone who is opposed by You cannot gain dignity; our Lord; You are full of blessings and Most High, we beg forgiveness from You and repent before You and may the blessings of Allah be showered on the Holy Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam). O Allah, forgive us and the believing men and women and Muslim men and women, unite their hearts with mutual love, set right their mutual affairs and help them against theirs and Your enemy. O Allah, let Your curse be on those unbelievers who prevent people from treading Your path, who reject Your prophets and fight Your chosen ones. O Allah, make difficult their plans, shake their feet and give them such punishment which is not turned away from a sinning people. "

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