Video Brother Abu Hafsa Entering Islam!


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it made me cry he was born blind after he dies Allah(swt) grant his jannat-fir-dous imagein all his life he didnt see anything just felt it n when he dies n in jannat wen he opens his eyezzz :SMILY23: da greatest thing is he will die as a muslim if he died as a kafir diz life he would have been blind n herafter but allkhamdulillah Allah(swt) guides who he wants to guide really touching story he dosent even sound like y he had 2 be blind.... one thing i learned in life i complained alot abut my self if i had nice body diz n dat y wasnt i born in wealthy family but i hearded a hadith that sit wid those who is lower than u so u can be thankfull... than i thanked Allah(swt) because if i was born blind of wid 1 hand or 1 leg... n i have 3 times food to eat i should be thankin Allah(swt) for that sum dosent even have enough food to eat ....oh Allah(swt) i thank you for givein me so many thing i can never thank u cuz thanks iz nt enough to count da naimaat u gved me


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sorry for the insensitive question,but how could he read a "mint condition'' book when hes blind?unless its a audio cd or soemone reads to him!