Brothers Brother, you really make me wonder!


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Brother, you really make me wonder! You seek chastity in your future wife without starting with yourself! You want her to be modest and shy while you kill those in you!

You ask her not to mingle with others while you are 24/7 mixing with other girls! Indeed, if you want your wife to be like Fatima (RA), maybe you should start acting like Ali (RA) [not a hadith]

(a reminder to myself first and foremost, in'sha'Allah)

~ ♥ I Need Allah In My Life ♥


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I, too, want love in my life. Not getting any younger. Allah Wills. If a sister knows as much or more about Deen; The answer is 'I DO!" :) :)


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it is all because of the masculine view of Fiqh, they condemn women as the source of Fitna but they ignore to remind men to behave and lower their eyes .