Bye...seriously this time.


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I won't be coming to this site anymore. For many reasons, but I don't have anymore questions to ask or any other reason to stay. So thank you all for the help, maybe i'll come by during the Summer or something and say just depends.

Take care everyone.


Islam is my life
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salam aleikum
I agree with Faisal .Its impossible to leave TTI for too long .InshaAllah we will see u here again .
Take care sister ,may Allah SWT keep u always in the right way

waaleikum salam


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Assalamu Alaikum sister Shannonx,

Take care of yourself, and I hope all is well with you in the present and future.

Please remember your basic duties in Islam, and read a certain amount of the translation of the meanings of the Qur'an every day. Most important of all, ask Allah on a regular basis to safeguard and strengthen your faith.



Wassalamu Alaikum

warda A



My dear sister

Thank you for all your contributions at TTI
It is a great site and we hope to see you again soon inshalla

May Allah Ta'ala give you ease and patience in your life, Ameen

We will surely miss you.



:salam2: sister!

I don't like it when any brother or sister leaves TTI for good.
They are not leaving just the TTI, but also all the good people here, but I respect your decision.

At least you gave us the hope that you will come back in the summer.

Untill then, have a blessed life.
If you do change your mind before summer, you are most welcome

Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah


Salafi Dawah is the best
Well with some people being so light hearted about her leaving it makes me wonder if any of us are really appreciated here?!?!?!
Anyway Shannonx I wish you the best inshAllah, it's always good to have a break and the summer isn't that far away.:wasalam:
Salaam dear sister Shannon,

I hope you are leaving for all the right reasons. It's inevitable to run from the vast amount of information this diverse community offers, even if you feel dis congruent on certain subject matters. You provided great synergy to the forum and your presence will be missed.

Best wishes,



No God but Allah
Assalamo alikom

Dear sister Shannonx, whatever the reason you are leaving for...we all make Du'a for you...May Allah always gladden your heart and make your task easy for you. You will be very missed, dear sister...take care

your sister, Amany

meer suhail

ILM seeker

bye sister ,,best wishes for future ,have a nice time ,,,,,,,be safe , Allah hafiz ,

4:125. And who can be better in religion than one who submits his face (himself) to Allâh (i.e. follows Allâh’s religion of Islâmic Monotheism); and he is a Muhsin (a good-doer - See V.2:112). And follows the religion of Ibrâhîm[1] (Abraham) Hanîfa (Islâmic Monotheism - to worship none but Allâh Alone). And Allâh did take Ibrâhîm (Abraham) as a Khalîl (an intimate friend)!


Asalamu Alaykum!

thanks sister for all your questions and contributions to this site, bye till summer then inshallah!:hijabi:


Fi amaaniAllaH

Assalamu-alaikum sister,
Like brother Bawar I too never feel good when any memeber leaves TTI. I am looking forward to the summers (mind you, its already summers where I am).
I will second brother Bluegazer's advice. May Allah SWT strenghten your faith and save you from all evil and guide you always.
I leave you in the care of Allah SWT :SMILY259:



Little baby sister you can't leave because who am I going to reccomend candy therapy to now?
Take a break.. enjoy the last semester of school. You have been so brave...and write to us from time to a family we are always here at all times.

I think of leaving everyday and somehow I don't..but you must read what I am going to post will be mindboogling!