Chomsky: My reaction to Osama Bin Laden's Death


Assalaam walaikum,

Excellent point sister.

Why would the world care about one man.

The media is good at what they do. They cast a spell. I read an article that stated television is programmed. I read an article on radio-frequency waves as being used by the governments to program people. There is a lot of brain washing going on.

We have been programmed to believe one man was evil. And now the evil man is dead. Long live the King Obama.

I am amazed on a Muslim website there is debate about this man. He single handledly masterminded all the evil acts.

Muslims are evil. We are responsible for the decline in the American Empire. We caused it.

The programming is bought by those who wish to live a life-style that is irresponsible. There is no compassion amongst those without Fear of Allah.
There is a bred paranoia that Muslims will take away from them all they have. The one inch 92 inch television, the SUV's, the vacation home, the country club, the good life.

The posters of Uncle Sam have a man pointing a finger. They just programmed everyone to believe person X is the enemy.

One of these days many people are going to wake up to reality and understand they are no longer needed and have been used. Insha'Allah, they will wake up soon.


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Assalamu alaykum,

Msmoorad, brother I think there was a lack of firm refutation. From the perspective of initial post,there isn't any mention of Zionism, Israel and the post has only to do with the death of laden, but yes akhi its okay and fine to know as you said him a Zionist supporter. But If you believe as Chomsky being Zionist or takes their side atleast, or not being honest or soemthing else than I would wish if InshaAllaah you and we can/ could strongly put on the information/ refutation so as the matter do not get into an emotional doom later. After reading many post I’m not getting anything but simply some own sketch words for Chomsky and Zionism in the conversation. I wish we all could put the evidences that convey directly as what we are trying to get on,inshaallaah.And As a user I have problems whether to believe him a zionist supporter or not ? as Justoneinmillion's post confirms that Israel has banned him. so I have a hard time to come upto some derivation here for him after reading the thread. May be many users will end up with emotional turmoil rather than a tactful conversation on reading as what we are whole-heartedly trying to say, otherwise. And this happens as We all being from diverse places with diverse lives and routines so will often get mess-up with such structured conversations. Every presentation, conversation has some value, to say it for whether religious, sentimental, political or else, and we look for preservating that. Our time and energy are also precious as by not putting ourselves or others into the matters that has no base of communication.Thank-you very much akhi and I appreciate your knowledge and the good postings. May Allaah ta'ala increase you and us in that. ameen.


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Has Chomsky opion about Mahmoud Az-Zatma too? Is he less important than Bin Laden?

They are completely different actually. This isn't that there is less value placed on the former than the latter, these articles aren't paying their respects to the dead that you are expecting that the same should be done for others that are killed, this is political analysis directly proportional to the significance of an individual on the political scene, It really isn't difficult to understand why there is an article about the death of one of them only.

If you have anything to say about the article then thats fine, stay on topic please.



Assalaam walaikum,

But Sister Harb is on topic. We can not separate what is going on in the Muslim world. There is connectivity.

sister herb

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Complately different they really are. Other is fake CIA-hero with conspiracy theories and other real shaheed.

Fake one is real news and other no-one knows.

:tti_sister: May Allah open eyes of islam ummah some day.


As-salam 'alaikum warahamtu-llah

and whatever even if this Chomsky or people like these make these type of article or not.
the Shuhadas are shuhada, their dignity and their pride can't be measured or verified by these guys.

as far as this article is concerned, that posted by Al-fajr, is not like they are praising Osama, it is part of their political issue, by the by which is true!

@ sister Harb:

Hamas officially condemned the killing of Osama and also there were rally and protest round the Palestine.

I've seen several videos of Osama, where he stated the name of every Muslim lands in west occupation, and even he said, especially about Afghanistan , Palestine.

there were may be some constitutional problems/mismatch amongst Hamas and Al-Qaeda.
but that doesn't mean that one is on Haqq and other one is CIA-hero.

wa-llahu a'lam
wassalamu 'alaikum

sister herb

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@ sister Harb:

Hamas officially condemned the killing of Osama rahima-llahu ta'la and also there were rally and protest round the Palestine.

I know. I am not officially represent of Hamas so I don´t need to follow they ideology! Al-Qaeda is not welcomed to Gaza.



Assalaam walaikum, is a known fact that Bin Laden was not behind 9/11.
We know that Al-Qaeda was a CIA operative.

Please educate me to what I have missed that makes you hate him.