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Congrats big time sis plz dont 4get dat ask any questions never b shy coz its alwz best 2find out. Till da day I die I want 2learn as much about Islam as I can.

Im so happy sis I am so proud of u, u hav not only made my day but u have made my week



dear sister in islam,
i am really happy to hear the great news. Allah really showed mercy upon you i pray Allah to keep u guiding till u reach where Allah wants u to be. One more thing and its a request ..... as one of our brother stated that when u become a muslim all yr past sins are forgiven and u are like a new born baby ..... so i just wanna request u to remember me in yr duaa ( prayers ) that Allah show me the right path and keep me sticking to it


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Assalama aleikum my dearest sister,

This is wonderful news. I am soooooooo happy for you. You have been guided to the truth by Allah subhana wa ta'ala, and imagine how special that is. Did u find Islam on ure Allah guided you to it and opened ure heart for u and made u accept the truth.

Jannah (paradise) is every muslims goal and now it's yours too. Congratulations for this wonderful gift Allah has bestowed upon u.

Keep learning and learn ur salaah (prayer),

take care


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AssalaamuAlaikum Dear Sister,

You are very very much Blessed that Allah SWT chose you to save you from hell.

Please checkout the Video section of this website, and never ever hasitate to ask any question.

There is a sister's club on this website too, you can join and ask them questions related to women in Islam.



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i congratulate you sister...
Welcome to unlimited peace of islam...
anyway islam means peace...hope that Allah guide you and all of us...and hope we will be together all muslims hereafter...


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Alhamdulillah sister

Nothing is more perfect than Islam, for it is the religion Allah has created to guide the entire planet. I wish more would know Islam like we all do, if they only looked into it, others would become Muslim right away, Masha'Allah!


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Sister, I am also a recent revert and can certainly understand this new-found wonder in your life. May Allah keep you on the right path always! Ameen.


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Oh congratulations!! You can't imagine how happy I feel for you! May Allah guide you through your life and reward you with the best!


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May ALLAH guide to to the right path.
MAy He have mercy on u,wash away all ur sins,love u and reward u His paradise.