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Inalilahi-waina-Ilahi-raji'un. The passing of my uncle, brother, aunt, and specially my dear father, make me think a lot about death even though we should think of it more. The hadeethies and the Quran tells us. Every soul shall tast death.

I have read this article in Aljumuah Maggazine. It is good reminder and makes grieving and the sadness of the death of your beloved easier.Hopping it will help and remind someone, InshaAllah. O Allah give us the tawfeeq.

The article starts:

I used to be as other people are-always sad for those from my family and children who have passed away. I would imagine their bodies in the grave. that would sadden me.
Then I took note of some ahadeeth that I used to come across before but not think about, for example, the saying of the Prophet, :saw: "Indeed, the soul of a believer is nothing other than a bird flying about among the trees of Paradise, until Allah, Transcendent and Resplendent, restores it to its body on the Day Allah resurrects him." Then I saw that one may journey from this world to a world of vastly more repose, that this body is nothing save a vessel that decomposes and goes bad after death, and that it will be rebuilt a new on the Day of Resurection. Hence, there is no need to dwell on the decomposition of the body.
So one should feel tranquil in the knowledge that the souls of thier loved ones have been transferred to a place of respite, which should take away most of one's sadness. And one should know that they will, indeed, be reunited with thier loved ones soon.
Grief but comes becouse people are attached to the appearance of others. Most people see others as nothing beyond their bodies. So when they see that their bodies that were once complete and pleasing are now being depleted, they grow sad from that change.
But the body is not the person. It is nothing more than a vessel. Yet the souls do not decompose. the bodies are nothing.
We should liken the decomposition of the body to a tooth that you pull out and throw into a ditch. Do you know, or even care to know, what happens to the tooth afther you've thrown it in to the dich? Or are you bothered by what happens to tooth afther you've thrown it into the ditch? The deceased body is like that tooth. After the soul separates from it, it does not know what happens to it.
So be not gloomy at the thought of the body of your loved one shredding and decompossing. Rather, remember tha solace of the soul and how soon it will be before souls will be restored to their bodies-and how quickly the time will come when you shall meet your loved ones. For, indeed, thinking about these things lessens the sadness and makes coping with the death of your beloved easier.


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Jazakallahu Khair for sharing this calm but serious reminder with us...

May Allah Azzawajal forgive us and make us enter jannah Aameen


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Jazakallahu Khair for sharing this

I know I still miss my mother who passed on in 2008 and would like to see and talk to her from time to time. Losses like that get easier but dear ones are missed. I also fear for my mothers soul as she was not Muslim when she suddenly passed on.


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God have created this world, for the human being, every one over here have to die one day, later or soon no body knows about it. the main purpose of creating this world is to worship God, and follow what Allah orders, what Islam and Quran Says.

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Asalam aleacom warahmato Allah wabarakato sister Sulikha

Kazaki Allah khairan. May Allah have mercy on your family members and all Muslims, forgive them, and enter them Jannat Al-Firdose.

Patience is one of the greatest attributes a person can acquire and Allah is with those who are patient.

I would like to share with you and my brothers and sisters the following article if you dont mind: I came across it, and thought it maybe useful for anyone going through a difficult time. I hope it gives comfort too.

How Islam Deals With Sadness and Worry: Patience, Gratitude, Trust

Wasalam aleacom warahmato Allah wabarakato


Smpathies And Condolences.


From Allah swt we come
To Allah swt we shall return.

My dearest sister,
Truly it wasn't easy
to depart with our loved ones
they will be sadly missed.

~May Allah swt help and guide
Place your loved ones with among the pious muslims
in Jannat Al-Firdaus~Amin!

~With Greatly
Smpathies And Condolences
From your sister In Islam

Take care!


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Assalammualaikum sis. May Allah Bless you for sharing. May Allah forgive and grant your family members Jannatul Firdaus. Amin~

I was hoping this would help you (and the others who are reading this thread) a lot. I know I was near tears by the end of it (OK, that was an exaggeration, the tears had leaked, OK). And nearing 1000 people have shared the second part, and 13000 with the first. It is divided into two parts. Insha'Allah anyone reading will benefit.

Part 1:




:salam2::jazaak: to all. (May Allah reward you with good for the kind reply).


To my dearest sister,
You are most welcome.

~May Allah swt help and guide you
and blessed you with more patience
and good health~Amin!

~From your sister in islam,

Thank you,
Take Care!