Copy righted Islamic Material ? Is it halal or not ?


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Assalam alakum

Maybe you saw some videos or websites where they have copy righted Islamic materials and they put that sign ''copy right''. Do they have right for it ?

For example khalid yasin videos have copy right and some brotheers want them to be subtitle/translated to their language. I sent message to the website asking about it but they dont answer. Not just for khalid yasin videos but there are other videos as well, for example islamic movies, which might have copy right.

So whats issue ? As long as you dont sell them do you think its halal ? Or as long as they dont let you do that, you cant edit/copy their materials ?


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Walaikum Salaam,

We are to honor the trade contract made. When in doubt , stay clear. Best to honor it.

. Copy right grants exclusive rights to the originating firm/group / person. Its time bound. It comes with an expiry date. It can be renewed. The owner/originator can use it to generate revenue, or just get credit for the work. The copyright holder will detail what rights user has and the rights he owns. When motive is to get credit for the work done by originator, most copy right owners make it clear, that you can copy the material, but should cite the owner for it. You will have to read the copyrights you get as a user.

Yes most often the websites get abandoned, that's to be expected, everything has expiry. So in those case provide cite the link. Most often, the information is not copyrighted, but the way the content is presented is copyrighted.

In this case, you definitely can learn from it, quote/cite site if you want (give the credit), or present information you learnt in your own way, without plagiarizing.

Hope this helps

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