Crying during prayer or Reading the quran


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A salamun aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakhatu,

I do Not shed tears when i Read the quran or i pray

I am worried that Allah (swt) has strayed my Heart from Islam

Can you give me Some Tips how i can reach the rank of ihsan or at least shed Some tears for Allah (swt)


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When we feel like this then it may mean we are weak in imaan. When we're reading or listening to recitations we should force ourselves to cryy..When we're praying it's easy to loose concentration, so to help you i think you should go somewhere quiet and just really remember Allah SWT and whilst your praying, knnow the translation to the surah's so it's easy for you to understand what your reading,
While i pray sometimes i remeber things that i have heard which made me feel scared or any thing regarding where i get goosebumps in order for me to have tears.

Just makesure your working for the deen and fear and Remember Allah SWT so InshaAllah He will always Guide you! As it's the time of Ramadhan, we all have a high advantage to be more closer to Allah SWT :)

Allah knows best!..