Documentary. Islam: Empire of Faith


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The untold story of Islam

Asalamoe aleikoem everyone,

I´ve come across this video and I would like to share it with my brothers and sisters and the doubters.

This video has made me very proud. It´s showed me something I´ve already known, but because of the constant bashing by others of our wonderful religion I´ve not been aware of it lately.

This is a series every non-muslim and muslim should see. It's even made by Westerners with an eye and thirst for real unbiased history. It's about the start of Islam in this world and the many, many contributions it has made. And many things we take for granted in the West are influanced by the muslims. It's a wonderful series. Please watch it all, if you have the time and then comment!


In the unfolding of history, the Islamic civilization has been one of humanities grandest achievements. A worldwide power founded simply on faith. A spiritual revolution that would shape the nations of three continents and launch an empire. For the West much of the history of Islam has been obscured behind a veil of fear and misunderstanding. Yet Islam's hidden history is deeply and suprisingly interwoven with Western civilization. It was muslim scholars who reclaimed the ancient wisdom of the Greeks, while Europe languashed in the Dark Ages. It was they who sewed the seeds of the Renaissance, 600 years before the birth of Leonardo Da Vinci. From the way we heal the sick, to the numerals we use for counting. Cultures across the globe have been shaped by Islamic civilizations. But all this began with the life of a single ordinary man and the profound message he proclaimed would change the world forever.

His name was Mohammed ( pbuh)

It's a series of three parts. On youtube the title is Islam Empire of Faith - Part I, Part II and Part III. And each part is made out of seven parts to fit on youtube.

Watch it all and be amazed, proud and enlighted. Feelings we really need nowadays.

Have fun!

The easy way

If you find it too difficult to find all the parts you can go to the youtube account of Ace1875 and then on his page you will find the playlists of Islam Empire of Faith. Then just simply click on ' Play all'.

The stubborn way

Or else click on the links below and click on the next video yourself. * But I wouldn't advise you to take unnessary actions *
Remember, each part is cut into seven other parts to fit on youtube.
Be patient and enjoy!

Islam Empire of Faith - Part I - 1 of 7 The Messenger

Islam Empire of Faith - Part II - 1 of 7 The Awakening

Islam Empire of Faith - Part III - 1 of 7 The Ottomans