Question: Donation to Syria. How?

I am from Hong Kong and want to donate to Syria in terms of clothes and money.

Clothes are barely used and money pooled for Syria...

Anyone help please!

Um Ibrahim

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Yes please I would also like to know legitimate organizations who are helping the Muslims in Syria and Palestine that we can send donations. I'm in the U.S.


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I want to donate clothes to anybody i have my husbands new shirts and trousers which i want to donate also my children's clothes and mine too also where can my husband pay his zakat online i mean do the online thing really provide help to the needy people out there?? Also do tell me on ho much gold is a person liable to pay zakah and can i donate the money of my childrens akikah online..? I mean is there any site to which we can donate the amount of the goats ans they do the sacrifice and then distribute the meat to the needy?? Reason being we live in a place where we are all alone and no family or friends and we dnt have a proper place where we can purchase the goats or sheeps ans then do the sacrifice and them distribute the meat.. so wont it be better that the meat is been eaten by some hungry and needy people?? Kindly suggest what to do??

sister herb

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did you personally donate things to them?

No. I have used my personal contacts, Turkish volunteers whose have carried help (food, clothes, medicine) to Syrian civilians over border area from Turkey by donkeys risking they own lives (many of them have already wounded or died doing it).

May Allah protect them.

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Brothers and sisters, IHH are an amazing Turkish charity organization and have been and the forefront in assisting Syrians and and many other Muslims in need, I can personally vouch for them. Many of the international organization working in Syria have partnership with them as they have all the logistical expertise on the ground. I have visted their centre in Istanbul and maashaaAllaah many of there volunteers are pious people, kind but also it is a very professional organization.

If you want to donate through western charities then I suggest-

Almuntada- which i have worked with personally (
Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT)- have a 100% donation policy
Human Aid- have a 100% donation policy

Regarding clothes, its very expensive to ship to syria, so I would suggest that you donate money as a priority.