Don't make fun of my beard!


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"Next time me make fun of bearded people, we need to think twice. Because, we know even in the imagary that the people make of the Prophets, they put beards for them. When they want to draw Moses, they put a beard for Moses. When they draw Abraham, they put a beard for Abraham. And when they make a statue of Jesus, they give him a beard as well. And so, we Muslims follow the way of the Prophets. That is why, it is natural for us to have a beard! It is not that we do not have enough razors or that we are too lazy to shave. It's just that we see it as an act of worship."

Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

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Super true. I can admit that when I was a little younger and dumber I use to believe men with beards were unclean and shaggy looking. I always equated it with something negative. Now I believe men just aren't men without a beard (no offense tho) just like a women is not complete without the hijab similarly a man just doesn't seem right without a beard...just saying...