Don't Mock Me Today!


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Don't Mock Me Today

Oneday I was collecting my children from school and there were a group of teenagers being cruel,
laughing and shouting "Why are you wearing them clothes?",
I smiled so calmly and to that I did say "Now be on your way your disrespect is all that shows".

So they refused point blank to stop and continued to mock,
I gritted my teeth as my jaw began to lock,
"balti, curry, bud bud ding ding" as the group began to sing,
people passing in the street also staring.

I began to look down and then I just had to turn around,
looking to them up that mound,
"Do i look Pakistani or even Indian to you?
My skin is white just like you", I shouted.

After my reaction there was that silence,
knowing behaviour like that can lead to such violence,
I was happy and relieved my point was straight to their faces,
so they'd know not to mock me in and around other places.

:hijabi:Oh Allah forgive us if sometimes the arrogant causes the slightest bit of anger within us, help us to handle situations in a way that would please You most.. Ameen.