English Nasheeds!!!


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Jazakallah, Allah Know's is the most beautiful nasheed, this has to be my best ramadan ever!
Salam & ramzan mubarik!


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ive been listening to 'allah knows' constantly and have discovered that it contains some tambourine tinkles in the background, its ever so faint but its there sure enough, you can hear it most clearly near the end of 2 mins, beggining of 3 mins. im devastated because ive loved this song since i first heard it. im particularly irritated because you hardly notice it and that it would be better off with out. they have ruined a perfectly good song with unecessary music. anyways, if anyone has the software to remove the music, leaving it voice only, i would be the most grateful person on earth!



Subhana Allah!
Asalamu alaykum wr wb

jazak Allahu khayra brother. may Allah subhana wata'ala reward u for ur effort amiin....:)



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Jazakallah kher brother may allah reward u in this wrld and da hereaft ameen.Brother hav u got the nasheed ramadhan in english.