Essentials of Tawheed.

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    Assalam alaikum,
    As you are aware, Tawheed is the belief in Allah as our Lord/Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and the only One worthy of worship....Tawheed is one of the 6 Pillars upon which Faith or Imaan is built in Islam. The other 5 pillars of Imaan being:-- belief in His Angels, His Messengers, His Scriptures/Holy Books, the Last Day/Judgement Day and belief in Qadar or Fate.

    Tawheed also involves our knowing that Allah has Names and Attributes that transcends anything we can imagine. For our Tawheed to be meaningful, we must MIND/OBSERVE the following Essentials, namely:--
    1. To always speak the Truth.
    2. To keep obligations in accordance with the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah.
    3. To shun innovations in religion.
    4. To keep the heart free from hatred.
    5. To avoid forbidden food, and
    6. To be satisfied with Allah, Most High, in scarcity and plenty and turn to Him in happiness or affliction.
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