Ethiopian troop massacring civilians in Mogadishu, Somalia


Junior Member
Somali Concern Group is dismayed by the senseless Ethiopian offensive and bombardment of residential areas in a heavily populated city, which claimed the lives of tens of innocent civilians including women, children and elderly people. The Ethiopian occupation forces are using heavy artillery, surface to surface missiles, mortars, tanks shells and helicopter gunships to cause maximum damages to both lives and properties in the city. We condemn this barbaric and unprovoked attack of the Ethiopian aggression forces against the defenseless civilians in the city.

The Ethiopian occupation forces have broken the cease fire signed with the clan elders in Mogadishu and have waged all out war in a city that needs more consoling tunes than violent mortar sounds of the past. We condemn the brutal massacre perpetrated against the civilian population and use of heavy weapons in a heavily populated city. The indiscriminate bombardment of the Ethiopians on the most populated areas and markets is a crime against humanity.

The Ethiopian occupation forces must halt their brutal genocide against the Mogadishu civilians. We call upon the international community, particularly the United States which commissioned the Ethiopians to invade Somalia in the first place and African Union which committed historical mistake by giving its pleasing to the aggression of one African state against another to assume their responsibilities and force the Ethiopians to cease fire and immediately withdraw from Somalia.

We also condemn the silence and indifference of the international community, the United Nations, African Union, EU and Arab League, to failing to stop the ongoing genocide committed against the people of Mogadishu by the Ethiopian aggression forces. Your indifference on this urgent matter would be criminal in the context of allowing genocide to take place. The rhetoric of helping Somalia to overcome its difficulties and your actions of doing nothing to stop the genocide is contradictory and dispiriting.

Equally, the African leaders who allowed the Ethiopians to operate outside the African charter and international human rights framework by keeping silent of the genocide that is taking place is shameful and unforgivable.

All nations who have signed the declaration against “genocide” have agreed to protect the rights of people and prevent the occurrence of genocide while punishing the perpetrators who commit crimes against humanity. And yet, the guardians of civil liberties, the United Nations Human Rights and Amnesty International have yet to speak about the genocide that is taking place in Mogadishu. Why this collaboration to commit crimes against humanity?

We urge the aid agencies to send emergency food and medical supplies to the thousands of wounded and displaced families in and around Mogadishu. If the delivery of food and medical supplies are delayed, the lives of many families and children could be put at risk.

We call upon all nations to intervene and stop the bloodshed in Mogadishu. We also call upon you to end the Ethiopian aggression in Somalia. Once the occupation is ended, peace dialogue can start to achieve the peace and reconciliation which the Somali people cherished for so long.

Somali Concern Group wishes the current crisis to be resolved peacefully. We recognize that force cannot bring about peace and only through dialogue and reconciliation we can achieve lasting peace and economic development in that country.

Thank you,

Mohamud Gure