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Many parts of the Bible have been distorted by unknown writers

The Bible, as I said, is distorted when it describes the prophets and Christ drinking wine and behaving without their minds. This is a mistake.

Because the prophets communicate the word of God to the people, so would God send a drunken prophet who does not know what to say?

Muslims respect the prophets and defend their honor and dignity, especially the Prophet Christ,

The prophets are innocent of spreading corruption on earth because they are the most honorable people and God's messengers on earth

The souls of the prophets in the Paradise, and with them are the souls of the martyrs and the righteous who died from our nation and previous nations as well. As for the bodies, they are all on earth, including the bodies of the prophets,

And that the first person to enter Paradise will be blessed with his soul and body, our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,

Jesus, peace be upon him, (with his body and soul) is in one of the seven heavens, not in the Paradise

The miracles of Christ in his time, only

God gave the miracles to Christ

like healing people

But now Christ does not heal nor save anyone

Just personal experiences that don't matter

Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’’

Matthew 7.

"And this is life eternal, that they might know THEE, the ONLY true God and Jesus Christ whom THOU hast sent", I HEARD, YOU are the ONLY TRUE God and I am HIS messenger!!! THIS was the mission of Jesus on this earth, to call HIS people to the worship of the ONLY true God and to show HIS people that THEIR God sent him with wonders, signs and miracles to prove that he was indeed sent as a messenger TO them!!! This has been the way of the Creator, to send MEN with signs and wonders as their bona fides, to prove who they are, so that the people believe!

You prefer and believe the parts of the Bible that say Jesus drank corrupting wine both in the Passover Feast and the Last Supper, and you believe the people who describe him as a drunkard

That's your business

The correct verses that forbid wine in the Bible are clear, so why leave them and go to the questionable verses?

The Qur’an is the final revelation that corrects the previous books and clarifies the correct parts in them that suit the interests of the people

The Qur’an forbids drinking alcohol, fornication, usury, gambling, drugs, and forbidden relationships, and calls for the worship of the One God, not idolatry or human worship.

Islam protects humanity from dangers that modern systems and other religions have failed to treat

Islam succeeded in solving these problems. Once a person embraces Islam, he refrains from these things that harm him and harm society

Therefore, Islam is worth studying now

لماذا لا تقبلو الزواج من الشواذ فجأها الرد​

أبي يحبني ولكنه يكره ديني​

ازدواجية المعايير بين ضرب الزوجة وضرب العبيد | عثمان بن فاروق في حوار مع زوجين نصرانيين​



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أسئلة عن الإسلام تقود إلى الشهادة! | شمسي في ركن المتحدث​

الجزية ضريبة تمييزية لغير المسلمين | هاشم في حوار مسيحي متعجرف ركن المتحدثين | هايد بارك​

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The Bible has been corrupted and destroyed by unknown writers

The correct verses in the Holy Bible are the ones that Muslims should consider because these verses represent the teachings of the Old and New Testaments in the time of Prophet Moses and Jesus, peace be upon them.

This is how obedience to God’s prophets is in the Bible and the Qur’an

Because their teachings are one through one God (the Father).

Very few true verses mentioned by the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, are consistent with the sayings of the previous prophets and Islam

But the Bible now is mostly incorrect

Christians are delusional and deceive themselves into believing things that simply cannot be true

25 And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”


34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”[a] And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.


Christ did not say, I forgive you, and you must ask forgiveness from the Father, and Christ taught the disciples and believers in his message to ask for forgiveness from the Father

You are as wrong as Peter

Christ described Peter as a demon,

Peter believed that Christ forgives sins

but Christ is not God to forgive sins

He said to him: 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be[a] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Can a person forgive with a word, and the Lord of man is unable to do so?!

How do people's minds think?

هل مات عيسى من اجل خطايانا؟ الشيخ خالد ياسين

تناقضات واضحة في العهد الجديد: جدل مثير - رجل مسيحي مقابل الإمام عثمان بن فاروق

تناقضات الكتاب المقدس فى نسب المسيح فاروق عثمان

نصراني يدعي أن الكتاب المقدس ليس فيه تناقضات ففاجأه ش.عثمان بن فاروق

هل مات المسيح من أجل خطايانا؟ - د. لورنس براون



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The Quran has been memorized

Because God saved the Quran from changing

The predicate is connected

And the writers of the Koran are known generation after generationThe Holy Qur’an was written directly

and hadith

From the mouth of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him


The Quran was written by the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

And the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was aliveThere were also known eyewitnesses


The original message is fully preserved until nowOn the contrary

The Bible was not recorded directly


After 300 years after the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him

Bible verses are written down

Without trustworthy witnesses

Because they were not present at the time of Jesus, peace be upon himEven the Old Testament was written down

One thousand years after the death of the Prophet moses peace be upon him

Of course, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, does not speak except by inspiration from God

God says in the Qur’an

Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination.

It is not but a revelation revealed,

Secondly, the Qur’an is something that no human being can write, modify or add to it

So far, no one has been able to produce anything close to the Qur'an in its beauty, style, meaning and prophecies.

The scientific evidence in the Qur’an makes it the most talked about book in the world of thought today.

The strongest evidence that the Quran is not (and will not be) distorted is that Allaah The Exalted challenged His creation to produce the likes of it; then He challenged them to produce ten chapters only and finally challenged them to produce even a single chapter. Today, this challenge remains open. If the Quran is fabricated, why can they not even produce a single chapter and defeat their enemy?

1,500-year-old Quran manuscript may be oldest known copy

Recently radiocarbon dated copy of the 7th century Quran at the University of Birmingham.A 1,500-year-old parchment may be one of the oldest known copies of the Qur'an, possibly dating back to a time that straddled the life of the Prophet Muhammad, according to researchers who recently dated the fragments of the manuscript.

The text was radiocarbon dated, which measured the age of organic materials from the find. Researchers at the University of Birmingham, UK, found that the sheets of parchment dated back to AD 568 and AD 645.

Susan Worrall, director of special collections at the University of Birmingham, said in a statement.

"Radiocarbon dating has delivered an exciting result, which contributes significantly to our understanding of the first written copies of the Quran",

The Prophet Muhammad is said to have lived between AD 570 and 632 and, according to Muslim tradition, he received the revelations that make up the Quran between AD 610 and 632.These sheets date back to the end of the 6th or the beginning of the 7th century. They were discovered in the library of the University of Birmingham where they had been kept for almost 100 years without anyone suspecting their age.

Oldest version of the Quran at the University of Birmingham - YouTube

عباس وحمزة يفندون ازدواجية المعايير لزائر - الجزء الأول​

عباس وحمزة يفندون ازدواجية المعايير لزائر - الجزء الثاني​

عباس وحمزة يفندون ازدواجية المعايير لزائر - الجزء الثالث​

عباس وحمزة يفندون ازدواجية المعايير لزائر - الجزء الرابع​



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Your scholars criticize your Bible, not the Islamic mentality as you imagine

With historical evidence

It appears after the fall of the Bible and the scandal of its distortion

Christians began to say this is a spiritual book, this is a historical book, This is a book that I don't care about

It is surprising that they know their alleged Lord from this book

They cite the verses of this book on the crucifixion, redemption, and the Trinity, and consider it a reference to them despite its distortion

Even Christian theologians, academics and scholars examine the BibleThey proved its distortion scientifically and historically

And you follow Paul and not this teaching of Christ through your Bible

Paul's words in your Bible,

Therefore, you cannot deny the existence of your book despite its distortion, because it is a reference to you

The Qur'an is not like the Bible

The Qur’an is God’s book, so no one dares to tamper with it

Muslims follow God's words and not their whims like other false religions

Islam is a correction of previous books and it is the last message to all mankind

It is necessary to believe in Islam because it is the religion of all the prophets to worship God (the Father) only

Because every prophet came to his people for a specific period and his message ended

Like Christ, He came for the lost sheep of Israel only

16 I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.

John 10:16

the fact that Jesus was speaking to a Jewish audience.His ministry was confined to the sheep of Israel.

7 Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the adoor of the sheep. 8 All that ever came before me aare thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.

John 10:7

Moreover, if the thieves and robbers included earlier prophets, then surely Jesus would be speaking ill of Moses, Abraham and David and that just wouldn't make sense.

It's more likely that Jesus was talking about contemporaries. Jesus wasn't the only "teacher" or miracle-working Jew around. There were others. He could have been calling these other teachers and miracle-workers "thieves and robbers."

If Jesus' audience were Jews, he may have been talking about non-Jews/Gentiles.

must acknowledge that there is one God and turn away from idolatry. Therefore, one way is to become a Muslim.

The difference between Islam and Christianity is that Islam absolutely forbids paganism while Christianity permits "paganism" . Islam is strict.

Christianity is liberal and lenient.

Christianity now opposes the teachings of Jesus, the previous prophets, and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them

It is permissible in Christianity to drink wine, usury, fornication, gambling and drugs

It is clear that the sect of Christianity who believed Jesus to be a human Prophet and nothing more, and Father is only God were following the true teachings of Jesus. This is because their concept of God is the same as that which was taught by the Prophets in the Old Testament.

Islam is not just another religion. It is the same message preached by Moses, Jesus and Abraham. Islam literally means ‘submission to God’ and it teaches us to have a direct relationship with God. It reminds us that since God created us, no one should be worshipped except God alone. It also teaches that God is nothing like a human being or like anything that we can imagine. The concept of God is summarized in the Quran as:

“Say, He is God, the One. God, the Absolute. He does not give birth, nor was He born, and there is nothing like Him.” (Quran 112:1-4)[4]

Becoming a Muslim is not turning your back to Jesus. Rather it’s going back to the original teachings of Jesus and obeying him.

مناظرة بين مسلم وملحد حول سن البلوغ والرشد​

نسوة يسألن ش.عثمان بن فاروق عن الإسلام​

أمريكية تسأل ش.عثمان: لماذا تقول دائماً عليه الصلاة والسلام كلما ذكرت اسم محمد؟​



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مهم لكل مسلم !! ما الذي يمكننا فعله لنصرة أخواننا وأخواتنا في فلسطين؟​

اسلمي! شمسي يدعو شابة بريطانية للإسلام لمدة نصف ساعة

إسهام الإسلام في الحضارة الغربية | ش.عثمان بن فاروق في حوار مع نصراني​