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Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said: “purity is half of faith,” reported by Imam Muslim.

Scientists also assert that cleanliness help prevent almost most diseases. When the body remains clean and pure, it gets rid of most of the germs and dust that get stuck with. Such purity prevents several diseases such as skin and mouth diseases.

Moreover, constant cleanliness of the face and the hands entails the decrease of the number of germs that attack the body through the mouth and nose. Hence, the diseases of the respiratory and digestive system are also reduced.

Purity (in body, mind, and heart) is half of faith


A recent scientific study confirms that having lights on when going to bed impacts the biological processes inside the brain and causes disorders that lead to obesity. Consequently, scientists recommend turning lights off at night to protect the body and brain.

Glory to Allah; this advice, recommended by scientists in the 21st century, was long stated by Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him

14 centuries ago. A sound chain of transmission reported: Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said: "when you go to bed, put the lamps off." The question is: isn’t this hadith sufficient evidence that Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, speaks nothing but the truth?

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One of the Prophetic purification methods is the prohibition of urinating in water. It has been proven that human urine contains a number of germs and bacteria that are transmitted form one person to another through water. Urinating in water, particularly stagnant water, causes the spread of many epidemics such as cholera, typhoid, and polio just as it’s the case in public swimming pools. Therefore, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, forbade it so as to guarantee us, in Allah’s will, a happy, disease free life.

One of the Prophetic purification methods is washing hands as soon as waking up in order to remove the germs and remnants of sweat that get stuck to them while sleeping. Today, scientists emphasize the significance of washing hands in order to prevent diseases. Such emphasis clarifies the importance of the following hadith: “when you get up from bed, don’t put your hand in a bowel (of food or drink) before washing it three times,” reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim. One might wonder: who could have revealed the significance of washing hands to Prophet Mohammad?


One of the purification methods is performing Istinja (cleaning the private parts) after the call of nature as well as cleaning the place of urinating well. A great medical benefit of following such a good habit has been proven for the good removal of impurities (Najasaat) prevents several diseases of the reproductive system.

This was confirmed by Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, when he instructed us to perform Istinja and purify ourselves. Within the Islamic context, believers must have a bath at least once a week, every Friday, so as to clean the skin surface from dirt, bacteria, germs, fungi, and the remnants of sweat thus preventing skin diseases, enhancing its breathing, and maintaining its pores. Once again, one wonders who could have informed Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, about the significance of cleanliness for the prevention of diseases. (Istinja means the removal of dirt that is left on the body after the call of nature: such as urine or faeces)

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