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Ignorance is in vast supply,
If they fear Allah then I wonder why?
Excuses and reasons they do not fast.
Some give it a try but it does not last.

I though that I had heard everything,
But this year they will try almost anything.
Don’t look to me when you make your excuse.
It’s not with me but with Allah you will lose.

“I don’t have a wife to cook my iftar.”
As to why you don’t fast won’t get you too far.
“I have to study to take some exams,
So I am too hungry because I am a man.”

“I drive thirty minutes from work to where I live,
So I don’t need to fast and Allah will forgive.”
“I am a woman so I have to cook.”
Tasting your food won’t get you off the hook.

The old, the weak, the sick, and the poor,
Fast thirty days and then fast some more.
In each of our lives Allah makes some exceptions,
But excuses like these are just foolish conceptions.

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:ma: thats a nice poem, jazak'ALLAHU Khairan 4 sharin
I loveD da last part >>> The old, the weak, the sick, and the poor,
Fast thirty days and then fast some more.
In each of our lives Allah makes some exceptions,
But excuses like these are just foolish conceptions <<< sounds pretty cool:)

tc and ramadam kareem
wassalamu 3aleykom
ur sister in ISLAM:)


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Assalamu Alaykum,

Jazakallahu khayr for that sister. Really nice poem.

A recent excuse i heard from someone was that they do not pray, so why should the fast? :frown: A Really silly argument indeed. And very unfortunate that they do not realise how much of a blessing the prayer and fasting is.



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Yes indeed brother! Most people do not realize the blesssing that they ignore until something happens to make them lose that blessing. I can't understand the excuses and how they are taken so lightly. I feel embarrassed and ashamed when I have to explain to people that I can not fast because I am required to be on constant medications and keep my liquid counts high to fight my cancer. My husband told me to just tell people that he has forbidden me to fast. :). I still feel hurt not being able to fast but I trust that Allah has a very good reason for the test I am facing and in the end it is what is best for me.


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Assalamu alaykum,

Yeah, people do not know. I think it has to be because they dont realise the purpose of their creation and the true value of this life. This life is pretty short and its just a stopping point, like fueling at a gas station before going on to the final destination. - If they knew that, im sure they would do their prayers, fast and take care of their religion.

And by doing the latter and all it entails, they would stengthen this Ummah. For they would also be bound to adopting true Muslim character, ethics and love for their fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world.

May Allah give you the reward for Ramadan and aid you in your swift recovery. May he bless you and your family. Allah is the most merciful, the most generous and has made Islam easy for us.. Its sad that you can not fast when you really want to.

InshaAllah khayr..alhamdulilah.

wasalamu alaykum.


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Asalamu alaikum, Masha'Allah you are truly blessed with the gift of poetry. I think that if little kids can fast in Ramadan a grown healthy person should be able to also. I don't understand why people so easily make excuses. Don't they have any fear of Allah and of the Last Day? Insha'Allah Allah will guide them back to the straight path.
I'm sorry about the hard time your going through right now, but insha'Allah you will get many blessings for your struggles and insha'Allah you have a speedy and complete recovery. I know cancer and its treatments are very difficult because I see my grandfather struggling with his chemo treatments right now. Insha'Allah, Insha'Allah, he'll get better. I also feel sad because my son and I are the only muslims in my family and I fear what will happen to them when they die. Insha'Allah Allah will guide them to Islam.