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if you cannot see the picture you can click on link to it.


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I fixed your picture, I don't know why it wasn't appearing before.

It is interesting, however I don't think I am of the SciFi mentality, therefore it maybe an interesting picture... but as to the caption attached to it... Allah Knows Best.

The Grand Mosque is all that is left of the abandon New Damascus colony. The New Damascus colony was established in 1527 A.H. by the Confederation of Islamic States. It was the first Mars colony established by the Confederation. It was abandoned in 1559 when its water supply dried up. The colonist were relocated to the Mars Polar colony of Kurdistan on Mars. Which even today is one of the largest settlements on Mars.



Asslamo Allaikum,

This is the picture of Selimiye Jami (Grand Mosque) in Edirne (Border between Turkey & Bulgaria), Turkey.

I encoruage all to read about it & WHY it was built here



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assalamu alaykum,

We have been to istanbul many times and seen the wonderfull mosques there. They are so big and beautifull. We havent had time to go to the mosque in erdine yet, but inshallah we will go.

salams Abdullah