Fighting continues at Lebanon camp

Lebanese troops have continued to battle an armed Palestinian group at a refugee camp in northern Lebanon for the second straight day, security sources have said.

On Monday, sources said the military had tightened their grip around the Nahr al-Bared camp and were shelling positions held by the Fatah al-Islam group at the entrances of the camp.

Sources also said the Lebanese army was holding back from entering the coastal camp, which is home to some 40,000 Palestinian refugees, in line with a 1969 Arab agreement banning the Lebanese army from entering any of the country's 12 refugee centres.

Witnesses said Fatah al-Islam fighters were firing back on army positions.

At least eight civilians were killed and 20 wounded on Monday in Lebanese army shelling, Palestinian sources inside the camp said.

Abu Salim, a spokesman for Fatah al-Islam, issued an ultimatum to the Lebanese military on Monday, warning that the group would escalate the battle and take it "outside" the refugee camp if the Lebanese military did not back down.

About 50 people died in fighting on Sunday between the Lebanese military and Fatah al-Islam fighters.

Police said the area had witnessed a relatively calm night after Sunday's day-long gun battles.

Abu Hisham Laila, an official of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine , speaking to Al Jazeera from inside the camp, called the Lebanese bombing of the camp "indiscriminate".

"All residents have stayed at home, taking shelter in lower floors," he said.

"We want ambulances to be allowed into the refugee camp to transfer the civilian casualties. We also want fire brigades to enter the camp and put off the fire in many buildings."

Zeina Khodor, reporting for Al Jazeera from close to the Nahr al-Bared camp , said: "The camp is virtually sealed off. Paletsintians inside the camp are telling us there are scores of civilian wounded."


abdul Qadir

remember death

its really sad ...... when i watched the aljazeera i happened to notice many of the lebanese soldiers had american m16 assault rifle :S



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The only American news station broadcasting information on the situation, as of about 1pm this afternoon, is Fox News. And I wouldn't exactly call that information.

The refugees have it hard enough in Lebanon as it is. I understand that they need to weed out the members of the terrorist organization, and civilian causalities are likely, but it's still so sad.


a lonely traveller
As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabrakatuhu
What makes me sad is that Muslim are killing Muslims instead of fighting together the enemies or the zionist or the neo-cons etc.
May Allah give us hidayah and help us.


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As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabrakatuhu
What makes me sad is that Muslim are killing Muslims

I think that what our beloved Prophet Muhammad:saw: said .. if im not mistaken:SMILY23::SMILY23:

May Allah give us hidayah and help us.
:salah: :tti_sister: Ameen



this si the time we are living in , and the time which was foretold about , we as muslims of knowledge should make it a duty to pass the right knowledge to our children , because this hate and ignorance form religion among muslims is because the lack of education and selfishness , we used to be the pioneers in education and technology now we have sunk to the level of utter backwardness and dependency on the westerners and asians .......... we cannot blame america or israel for any of this due to the reason , we support and do nothign to remove our puppet regimes , and for the same reason half of us are all working against our own muslims bors and sisters ........ we are to blame ourselves first and foremost ............. :arabi1:



We need to unite. We need to spread the word to each masjid this coming Jumma to have the same message. We need to remember who we are and Who we will have to face.
We need a leader. We need direction. We do not need empty words from politicans who change bed-partners faster than babies need diapers changed.
Where is our leadership. Why can we not turn to Mekka and pray and unite.
Who will be strong enough to lead Muslims back to our Path?
Allah, I am an older woman, guide me to help my sisters who are losing fathers, husbands and sons.
Allah, I am an older woman,guide me to incite the hearts of young Muslims to be strong for You.
Allah, forgive me for sitting here..Allah, guide us..Allah keep us on the path.



If I may be so bold, perhaps the answer isn't prayer, rather action. God gives us the ability to rationalize and think things out. Every action we do is allowed to us by God's will. Perhaps Allah is tapping his foot wondering when people are going to act instead of just pray for change.

Just my 2 cents...

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Salaam alaykum;

here is some opinions about this situation from the Palestinian side:

A number of Palestinian political figures, including Maher Al-Taher, the senior political leader of the PFLP, among other figures deprecated what they described as “indiscriminate” pounding of the refugees homes by the Lebanese army; but, at the same time, they condemned the targeting of the army.

“It is illogical to let innocent children, women, and elderly people to pay for and shoulder mistakes of others”, said Al-Taher in an interview with the PIC Tuesday.

He also affirmed that the group of Fatah-Islam isn’t a Palestinian group, and that it is an outlawed band working away from the Palestinian national framework.

And the Arab Knesset (Israeli parliament) member Mohammed Baraka:
“We reject arranging internal Lebanese cards at the expense of the Palestinian refugees as evident by the vicious pounding of the camp”, Baraka affirmed.

He also charged that the so-called Fatah-Islam group was established by external parties that had nothing to do with the Palestinian issue with the aim to achieve their own goals at the expense of the Palestinian people.