Fly Air Janazah!


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Asalaam Alaikum !

When we are leaving this world for the next one, it shall be like
a little trip to another country, where details of the country won't
be found in the glamorous travel brochures, but in the Holy Qura'n
and the Hadiths.

Where our plane won't be Indian Air Lines, British Airways,
Gulf Air, Emirates Air Lines or Kenya Airways but Air Janazah..

Where our luggage won't be the allowed 20 or 30 kgs, but our
deeds, no matter how heavy they weigh..You don't pay for excess
luggage. They are carried free of charge, with your Creator's

Where our dress won't be a Pierre Cardin or Calvin Klein suit
or designer dresses and the likes, but the white cotton shroud...

Where our perfume won't be Channel, Paco Rabane or Givenchy,
but the camphor and attar....

Where our passports won't be Kenyan, British, Pakistan, French,
Indian or American, but Al-Islam....

Where our visa won't be the 6 months leave to stay or else...
but the "La illaha illallah"... (THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH)

Where the air hostess won't be a gorgeous lady but Isra'ill (ANGEL OF DEATH)....

Where the in-flight services won't be 1st class or economy, but a
piece of beautifully scented or foul smelling cloth....

Where our place of destination won't be Heathrow Terminal 1 or
Jeddah International Terminal, but the Last Terminal Graveyard..

Where our waiting lounge won't be the nice carpeted and
air-conditioned rooms, but the 6 feet deep gloomy Qabur(GRAVE)...

Where the Immigration Officer won't be His Majesty's Officers
but Munkar and Nakeer (ANGELS)...They only check out whether you
deserve the place you yearn to go....

Where there is no need for Custom's Officers or detectors...
Where the transit airport will be Al Bazarkh....

Where our final place of destination will be either the Garden
which rivers flow or the Hell-fire....

This trip does not come with a price tag...It is free of charge..,
so your savings and credit cards would not come in handy...

This flight can never be hijacked, so do not worry about terrorists.
Food won't be served on this flight, so do not worry about your
allergies or whether the food is Halal...

Do not worry about legroom space; you won't need it, as your
legs will become things of the past...

Do not worry about delays...This flight is always PUNCTUAL.
It arrives and leaves on time...!

Do not worry about the in-flight entertainment program, because
you would have lost all your sense of joy...

Aha..! at last some good news..! Do not worry about who will be
sitting next to you..You will have the luxury of being the only

So enjoy it while you can....if only you can...!!!

One small snag though...this trip comes with NO warning...!
Are YOU prepared...???....YOU better be...!!!

Please spread the truth and insha-Allah our muslim brothers and
sisters are able to understand and practice the guiding principles,
whatever way they can afford, to uphold our beliefs of our religion,
Islam, in this world and herefater....

Wa Salaam!