French nasheeds?


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I speak French and want to know the best French singers of nasheeds.

I have found one group called Le Rappel (The Call) already.

I am thankful for any suggestions.


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here I found Arabic and french nasheed.The english translation is at the more info in the video.


Translation Provided by Linguist786:

In the silence of the mosques,
In the prayers of the night,
He understood the truth,
He fought against having forgotten.
He wanted to be Muslim,
He wanted to be it all the time,
His heart overflowed with light,
When he was in his prayer.
His eyes did not cease to cry,
When he saw all our misfortune,
Lost in obscurity,
He addressed himself to his Lord.

2nd Bit:
He found his confidence,
He made invocations (du'aa),
Regretting his bad actions,
That he committed in ignorance.
He wanted to be Muslim,
He wanted to be it all the time,
His heart is filled with joy,
Allah showed him the path.
He followed the right path,
Which his sins hid,
In the morning prayers,
He found piety.

Third bit:
Praise be Allah my Lord,
Who guided this Muslim,
To what is the right belief,
To beauty and patience.
We will return to Allah,
Who will judge all humans,
Be faithful to your creator,
He does not forget his servants

La ilaha il Allah

wa subhanallah

The rest you can see on the right side on the page