Good news....wait wait......,Great news


Salam Alikom Wr Wb;
Brothers and sisters
as Allah almighty says in Quran:
"And as for the favor of your Lord, do announce (it)." Surah Duha 12
I have finaly finshed memorizing the Holy Quran, after 7 years...
May Allah help me and all muslims to practice all the commandments in Quran;


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Assalamoelaikoem warahmatullahi wbarakatuh,

Masha Allah, TabarakkAllah. May Allah help you in this dunya and aghira.

Fi amanillah

Wassalamoelaikoem warahmatullahi wbarakatuh


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Asalamalikum brother

mashAllah i m very happy to hear that good news:)

MAy Allah reward u in this duniya n akirat ( after death)


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Wa alaykum assalaam,
Masha Allah I'm happy for u/....Insha Allah Allah SWT will give us all and our children the same opportunity...ameen

3abdo rabih

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Waalaykom salam brother, may allah help you to be coranic person who practice all coran instruction. i agree that you are carrying now great thing in your heart that may protect you in our life and also in the other life (Allah only know) but you have to be aware about this responsibility because now you know a lot of thing in our coran that maybe oyher person doesn't know. So you have to be on line with the coran in your life.
this apply to all muslims that try to learn coran and i suggest that they learn taffsir as much as they learn coran in order to help them to practice our religion.

may Allah protect you brother and all muslims.


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Alhammdu lilLah

:ma:May Allah reward you with this great deed and may he join us in


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Masha ALLAH thats WONDERFUL news. Wish i could be able to say that one day insha ALLAH :)

Anyway, now the hardest part is to keep it in you memory. May ALLAH (swt) bless you. Ameen