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how many narrators does it have- is one of the things to check. or you can also buy from islamic stores that have authentic books such as sahih bukhari/muslim and so on. or you can ask another muslim who might know. there's always a way to know the truth. cause truth prevails. and in muslim communities people would not dare put up books that are not authentic. asalamu alaykum.

nori suja'i

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how to chech if the hadith is sahih???

wa alaikumsalam,
to check if the hadith is sahih or not, we must look for the person's name who responsible and admitted that Rasulullah S.A.W. did said the hadith by hearing it personally. These people normally were Rasulullah s.a.w's sahabahs and his family. We still can accept hadith that came from the trusted people during Rasulullah s.a.w era weather they hear it from the 2nd or 3rd parties as long as their names were stated means they were responsible about it.