Serious Hatun (DCCI) assaulted at Speakers Corner

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well, may the Lord bless you and keep you in good health.

As a Christian, I want to give my statement and express how shocked, irritated and angry I was when I saw Hatun being attacked at Speakers' Corner in London.

I have only been there about 5 times in the last two years and I regularly watch many of the Islamic and Christian channels on YouTube and know many people. The way things have been going at Speakers' Corner between skeptics, muslims (both Shia & Sunni), Trinitarian Christians and (Unitarians) Non-Trinitarians is a disgrace.

There are many people who like to go to the park and meet others, make new friends, engage in what is going on, civilised discussions and keen to learn, but what happens is there is a few individuals who are very loud, arrogant, don't want to listen, full of hypocrisy, insulting someone's religion and playing the 'Heretic Hunter' character instead of giving evidence.

People are free to disagree or agree, but I will not tolerate any violence, verbal abuse about someone's mother/wife/children etc.. ,threats to rape/kill etc.. against another individual whether it is a man or even a woman. It is cowardly, sick and wicked in the eyes of the Creator. They do not represent the religion they claim to follow

We know many YouTube channels online and they attract 1000s of viewers every week. I find that there are people behind them are showing material that is causing a lot of people to be misinformed and they have been lied to and all it has done is resulted in people being attacked in the park or outside the park.

I think it is very sad what is happening and I do not believe all of a religion and a whole community is responsible for someone elses actions or words.

Hatun was actually told on her channel by Non-Muslims and Muslims that they do not agree with what she is doing and she needed to calm down. There is also a 4 second clip on a Muslim channel on YouTube where a guy who assaulted her claimed he was a "Christian".

No real Christian or Muslim on this planet would do such thing to anybody and if anybody actually falls for that then they have been lied to and the person claiming to follow either of those religions while acting as a violent person and harming the communities is deceiving himself and needs to repent and apologise with an open heart and mind.

Recently there was also an Atheist who had been attacked outside of the park because of his actions and I heard he was told to stop causing a nuisance.

I think people need to stop and think before they express their opinions and need to be well read on literature and study from different angles.

As for people insulting Muhammad and using bad language against him....... I will be honest, I think it is really stupid and they are making themselves look like a laughing stock and a joke, especially on camera.

I disagree with Hinduism and the Catholic Church and dislike many things about it but I will not go to a Catholic with pictures of their relics, images and statues then start mocking them. It is very immature, it is not funny and if they can't say anything decent, then they might awell just not attend.

I myself read many different faiths and I do not vandalise the Qur'an and handle it the same way as I hold my Bible. Before the Covid Pandemic I use to meet up with Mormon Missionaries regularly and we use to discuss the material from both sides and often exchanged phone numbers, it was great.

In January I was even asked by a Somalian Muslim guy, why am I so nice and can listen and why can't many other Christians at the park do the same?

Think of Christian speakers like : - Dr. James White, Dr. William Lane Craig, Dr. Sean McDowell, Cliffe Knetchle, Dr. John Lennox etc...

These are just good examples of good people who have spoken to people from many backgrounds whether they are skeptics, philosophers, muslims, catholics, agnostics and those who are looking for answers.

I am a former Trinitarian and switched to Unitarianism because I looked for answers and I use to feel offended about certain individuals saying things but I never swung my arm at anybody. I was also not brought up in Christianity and was an Atheist as a kid and only become Christian later in life and I never did anything wicked and have no criminal record.

The Bible and Qur'an also warn against certain things like slander, backbiting, arrogance, pride, swearing, mocking etc..

Christian and Muslim leaders all need to address this and rebuke it and we need to pray about all the problems that is happening.

Do not let a few individuals stop you from visiting places.

God Bless You All.

Abu Juwairiya

Junior Member
Dear Brother. Thank you for your interesting and invaluable post. May God bless you as well and keep you steadfast and firm in your convictions and attitudes.

As you mentioned, verbal and actual abuse does not lead to anything except revenge and hate. Disagreements between members of different religions is to be expected, but provocation and deliberate incitement even in the context of freedom of speech and expression is not the answer either. The assault you mentioned, it is not justified in any religion, but those with little or no morals do not require a reason for it. Let us hope for better times in the future.