have to change image of islam


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with terrible events that happened Friday its up to us to try to improve image of Islam
after terrible killings the hate. For Islam will be greater .we have to work even harder to show the good side of islam


He is Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram
Salam aleikum

I read every day newspapers on the internet and the comments are getting worse in regards to islam. There was this article how in northern countries the fast of Ramadan lasts very much because the days are so long and some commented that they wish all muslims should go there and just die of hunger. :astaghfirullah:
I dont know what normal people can do against the groups that act so wrong. Show kindness to those around us...take things in a positive light...
I see these lectures, from catholics I think, I am not sure, and they had some people looking like Ricky Martin preaching in a church, talking about how God is there for us no matter what, how he loves us and in His Light is all good. This is marketing. Maybe doesnt bring more believers but brings some respect.
But we know that in islam, we know the limits, the responsability, we can not say all is good and just believe and thats it. We take the good with the bad and one has to have the will to learn about islam, otherwise they will keep on hating, because they only want to hear about the good. And they can disrespect me but I am happy that the number of muslims is just growing. Is still growing, or.. ?


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dear sister
you are so right.we have to show kindness to those around us,especially those living in the west.people have to know that Muslims are basically good and kind.every day they see bad images of Islam ,its up to us to show the good


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You said the truth, we have to face the reality that muslims around the world are giving a negative image about Islam especially with the rise of those ISIS fanatics. It takes a lot of courage to say also that books of traddition and cheikhs belonging to wahabis are very much supporting terrorism .