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Welcome to both new members. Hopely you will find this usefull place to get more information about Islam.



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If Allah has given you understanding then seek his help in the process, Allah is closer to us then our jugular vane.
Watching reverts videos and what they have gone through helps a great deal/ we all pray for you just keep studying Islam/

Wish you all the best.
Hello Inshaa Allah you will find the way just trust in allah and you will find the islam is the logic for the live and the ending of our life

ask allah to protect you and help you to find the right way
i am waiting for your post to tell us that u are already a muslim


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You are most welcome dear sisters, May Allah brighten our hearts with his love. Dear sisters the most important thing in Islam is prayers since it connect the creature with his creator.


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salam aleykoum how is your search for islam going? If u want to talk to another revert feel free to contact me :love_heart: