Help A brother Win Scholarship! urgent


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Asalama Alaykum brothers and Sisters

The reason we are family in islam is to help each other at the time of need.

there is this scholarship that you upload image for them that you took and the more people vote for it, the chances you win.

I ask all brothers and Sisters who view this post to go here

and click "VOTE" and if you can, please write review for it.

thanks, and jazakum allahu khair


Hubbi Li Rabbi
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I voted and commented..

Inshallah you will earn this scholarship and use it in a domain that pleases Allah (swt) and benefits your brothers and sisters in Islam!



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Thanks and Jazakumu Allahu Khairan

I really appreciate your help..

Insha Allah its for my college and everything i learn will benefit the muslims:)

may allah bless you all...


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I've voted and wrote my review.
I know how important scholarship is bro, hence all the best to you!
Insya Allah u will win.


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I voted, and left a review!!
We are a family here, and I'll due what I can to help.
(I loved the pic, I would have voted even if you hadnt asked!)