Help...Before I fall into sin


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Does anyone any Taqwa-instilling video,mp3 or yext advice to give to me so I that I can avoid falling into sin right now? I am afraid I might do something shameful right now which may end me in sin. I need something immediately to turn me away from this. I am currently listening to Quran recitation but the sinful urge doesn't seem to go away.. please help


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My plan was to study all-night for my exam but I am having temptations which are becoming too big to subdue. I can't even concentrate well.. need something


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dont be alone.
dont be alone.
dont be alone.

Go and sit with someone or go in a room where u r not alone. Forget study etc. Just get busy with something else in which you need to be physically involved


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Seek refuge with Allah from the accursed shayton.. and remember one thing..
Everytime you do a shameful deed, even at that moment it may seem please but as soon as the moment is gone, litterally when that moment is GONE and people start walking away and now your on your way home, you regret and you don't just regret because you know you have to...
But you think.. Was it REALLY worth it? did I really enjoy it that much? Would I do it again?
Believe me this is the story of my life when it comes to sin.


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My plan was to study all-night for my exam but I am having temptations which are becoming too big to subdue. I can't even concentrate well.. need something
I hope I am guessing it right.Well when you have the temptation,perform wudoo immediatly or perhaps take a shower to cool you down from this temptation.Salah sunnah 2rakaah and seek Allah's help.

This is a test on you.When we are weak and in trouble,always turn to Allah as He test us so that we will turn to HIm.
Recite ayatul kursi and read 3 qul.

Go out of your room.take a long walk but make sure you have performed wudoo and salah 2 rakaah.

read some verses from quran which can remind you about hell and it's punishment.

These are all just suggestion so it depends on how strong is your imaan.

Allah knows the best.


wa'aleykum salaam,

DONT BE ALONE. Wallahi sheytan's whispers are the strongest when you're on your own.

Also watch youtube videos on death or qiyama.

Aisya al-Humaira

الحمدلله على كل حال
Assalamua'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

Well, as many have said, do not let yourselves to be alone too much. How? The first step is you can try to get yourselves involve in good, Islamic activities such as joining programmes held by the masjid or the Muslims' organisation at your place. Once you are involved in an active Muslims' organization, sometimes, the only time that you have for yourselves is to go to bed and sleep at night. Even if you are to study, go form a study group. Always try to think on how you will be among people doing good things instead of just being alone in your room, studying etc.

Trust me in this one matter that once you let yourselves to be involve in so many things - things that are done for Islam - then InshaAllaah you will never have the time for yourselves and even think of doing unpermissible things. Be it only a small sin or worse, a big one. Wa iyyathobillahi minthaalik.

Apart from that, it would be best for us to examine and check deeply on the condition of our heart once in a while (or better yet, every single day). It could be that when we are being engaged too much in worldly matters, we did not realize that we are letting ourselves further and further from Our Rabb. Just like our physical body needs food, so does our heart. Feed our heart with its proper "food" such as dhikrullah, reciting the Ayaat of the Quraan, talk to good, practicing Muslims and try to be friends with the poors. Those are some of the ways recommended by Ula'ma on how to cleanse one's heart and make one Ikhlaas in doing an a'amal.

Take this golden opportunity with Ramadhaan's coming to purify our soul and heart. Fighting against one own nafs is the BIGGEST and HARDEST jihaad, but yet it can be done so long that we seek for help from Allaah Azza wa Jalla, constantly striving against it and making dua'a continuosly.

In the end, inshAllaah, you'll gain the Ajer - a bliss, fruitful reward for leaving something (unpermissible) for Allaah's sake.

Wassalamua'alaykum wa rahmatullah.