Help My Disabled Father Get A Mobility Scooter


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Assalamau Aleikom Wa Rahamtu Allahi Wa Barakatuh,

I would like brothers and sisters in the forum to share my cause and here is my story:
Our Story

(My father's story began when our home was demolished in 2004 , almost everything became difficult for us to secure such as the daily life expenses the the flat rent money , the education expenses for us as a family.

After that he was retired from his work and though his life became so boring and he doesn't get enough of relaxation as an old , illl and disabled man .

About his health status , he has now multi diseases(Blood pressure,Diabetes,Stroke and Half-paralyzed) that staying in home for a longtime is very diffucult and very harmful for both his psychological and physiological health .

Regarding my cause , when he tries to go out to get some relaxation time , It's very tiring and exhausting for him to get to his destination which is our demolished house location , he used to plant trees there and do some gardening , get some fresh air , but doing that on his own feets is so exhausting and tiring that prevents him to benefit from his journey out .

With all above mentioned information about my cause , I do appreciate every single dollar you contribute for my father in giving a new hope for him to return to his normal life.

I will be so keen to whoever share my cause , Wa Jazakum Allahu Khairan


He is Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram
wa aleikum salam wa rahmatulahy wa barakatuh

May Allah help and reward your famelly..inchallah your father will receive the help he needs,,if what you want is too expensive maybe you can try look for one of those mobile chairs if are cheaper...



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Jazakillahu Khairan ,

Yes there other models, but this is the only model that suites my father and helps him significantly